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Tips to Scale Your Small Online Business

What are the 5 Tips to Scale Your Small Online Business

The big, reputable companies today all started small. But most of what they have in place now was not there when they started. As they grew, they had to change things such as policies, supply chains, and marketing.

As a business owner, you’d also need to make some changes and enhance your operations as you scale your small online business.

But what parts of your business exactly must you vamp up?

5 Tips for Small Online Business

Here are things to do while growing your online business.

Register Business

You probably started your business in your bedroom, fulfilling orders or going out to execute your on-site services only when called upon. Many commercial cleaning companies started this way. You can even start eCommerce as a dropshipper selling to your friends and social media followers.

But as your business grows, it’s time to make it official.

Find a business name and register it. That will prevent anyone else from using that same name to impersonate you or even defraud others, ruining your reputation. Your registered business name becomes exclusive to you.

Build a website so more people can find you when searching on Google. That means more business for you. If you’ve been into goods delivery or dropshipping, it’s time to move to Shopify or similar.

Protect your privacy

One essential thing you must do while scaling your small online business is to protect your privacy. Get a trademark to protect your business name, ideas, logo, and products at a national level. And instead of receiving business packages with your home’s mail, use a virtual mailing address.

One of the reasons is that you don’t want your actual address to fall into the wrong hands, as your privacy can be compromised. With a virtual mailbox, you can view your mail on your laptop or smartphone anywhere and decide whether to have them forwarded to your location or shredded. A trusted third-party virtual mailbox service will be in charge of that.

You should also use a virtual address rather than a home address in your website and article of incorporation. This will serve for privacy reasons as well as build professional credibility.

Furthermore, clearly state your privacy policy, terms of usage, and disclaimer on your website, so you don’t get into trouble with your customers.

Automate some processes

As your business grows, there’s so much more you need to do simultaneously. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, invest in tools that will help you automate processes to accomplish more with less effort.

For example, building an email list to automatically send out emails on special offers, discounts, and reminders will help you drive more traffic to your business.

You can also automate your marketing such that when people log into your website, they’re persuaded to subscribe with their email. Enticing follow-up emails will be sent automatically until the user finally pulls out their credit card.

Vamp up your marketing

Winning more customers is key to growing a brand. That involves finding efficient ways to create more awareness and exposure. To scale your online business, look towards social media marketing and email marketing to increase your reach. Create content and engage your audience.

Note that it’s crucial to maintain consistency across all your marketing platforms. Using the same handle for your social media accounts will make it easy for your customers to identify and remember you. Also, cross-promote your social media accounts so that someone more active on Twitter can connect with your brand there through Facebook.

If you don’t consider yourself pretty good at marketing, it’s worth investing in a digital marketing agency.


As simple as an online business is, so many things are involved. You’d need a web host, suppliers, logistics to fulfill orders, IT maintenance experts, virtual assistants, marketers, etc. It’s more efficient for a small business to outsource such critical services to competent hands than to hire and manage an in-house team. Outsourcing also makes you competitive since you’re leveraging the skills of reputable third-party companies.

Final words

The Internet has made doing business much more efficient, but growing your brand online matters a lot. Set targets, smash them, and make new ones, and you’ll see how your business keeps growing from level to level.

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