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What Are Branded Domain Names and How Can You Purchase One?

Are you planning to launch a business? Do you want to increase the online presence of your company? If so, you need to focus on registering a domain name.

But the process is easy said than done. You need to choose a name that can describe your business or go with the original name to turn it into a brand. This decision is yours to make.

The more grounded and more believed your image is, the better your substance will do in the positioning. A significant sign to Google is the way oftentimes individuals type your image name into the pursuit box.

In this article, we will discuss what branded domain names are and how you can purchase one for your company.

What Is Branded Domain Name?

A branded domain name is one type of non-keyword name that doesn’t have any specific meaning. Therefore, the branded name won’t tell your customers about your business in the first place. Branded domain names are dependent on made-up words. One of the best things about brandable domain names is that they will help you showcase the uniqueness of your company. You also turn the original name into branded one to make them more recognizable and memorable. The branded name will not only help you stand apart from the crowd, but they also work as a trademark right for your company. Now let’s discuss how you can purchase a domain name.

Locate the Owner 

Countless words are branded and generic in the business world. This is why every marketer focuses on increasing their business name around the world as their company grows. Therefore, the number of domains that are eye-catching, timeless, easy to pronounce, and spell might not always be available for your relevant business industry. Hence, your best domain name might be owned by someone. If you want to purchase that specific domain, you need to find the owner. But finding the owner is not easy as they don’t leave behind their contact details.

Locating the owner of the domain is an extremely time-consuming process and it may take days or weeks.

Initial Contact 

This is one of the most important things you need to remember while purchasing a domain name as this process can break or make the deal. This step might also affect the overall price of the domain name. The value of the branded domain names cannot be defined by money. Rather, the price depends on numerous factors such as the current circumstances of the domain owner and the type of the domain. You need to consider multiple factors before approaching and purchasing a domain name from the owner. Apart from addressing them respectfully, you also need to ensure that your identity is confidential. This will help you avoid any reflection of your status on the domain name or the selling decision of the owner.


If the domain owner has agreed to feel you’re the domain name, your next step is to negotiate the price. As per Strayer, you should possess great negotiation skills. If the owner is not interested in selling the domain, you need to understand the cause. Is the owner demanding more money? Do they have any type of project planned in the future? Does the domain name attached with their emotions?

There is an insight that everybody looks at on Google and no one kind of space names any longer. What’s more, to a degree this is valid. So what occurs in the event that no one can recollect your space name? Your old-fashioned space name best-travel is difficult to recollect and your potential clients will type an estimate into Google. Yet, what occurs straightaway? The internet searcher results could incorporate your rivals before you.

Envision an expected client of Nike looking for the organization on the Internet. Assuming they type Nike into Google, there’s a little opportunity that a contender will show up anyplace in the best 5 spots of the outcomes – except if they utilize paid advertisements.

When you understand the causes, you will be able to negotiate better. However, if the owner won’t sell the domain name under any circumstances, you need to move on.


Now you know what branded domain names are and how you can purchase one. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below.

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