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Wax Pen Technology | Buyers Guide

The quickest and simplest way to enjoy botanical extracts and concentrates while on the road is with a wax pen vaporizer. Wax pens, which are small enough to fit in your pocket, let you discretely medicate whenever you need to while you’re out and about.

Waxes include concentrated versions of the essential oils from the herbs and have previously undergone processing to remove the majority of the plant material. They are regarded as being more pure than herbs as a result of this procedure and need a greater temperature to effectively evaporate. Concentrates can be used with wax pens since they can vaporise at higher temperatures than conventional vaporizers.


Let’s first look at how these devices work in order to better comprehend and appreciate recent wax pen inventions and advancements.


Wax Pen working


A threaded atomizer (which houses the heating element and wax chamber) is connected to a battery at the bottom of the majority of wax pens before a mouthpiece is added. There are many possible atomizer configurations, each with advantages and disadvantages. Wick atomizers use an absorbent fibre “wick” (like a candle’s) that absorbs the concentrate while being heated by a titanium or silica coil, making them perfect for runny waxes. These coils are also seen in wickless rod atomizers, which work best when combined with heavy waxes and substitute ceramic or quartz rods for the fibre wick.


Buying Tips

You should be aware of the following before to purchasing a quality wax pen.

  • We advise opting for a well rated wax pen at a fair price if you’re new to utilising concentrates and want to give it a try. These are the units of value. These courses will be easy to understand, clear, and a wonderful introduction to the wax industry.
  • The duration of the wax pen’s battery is a further crucial factor. These wax pens are electrically powered and can be charged or powered by batteries. The battery life is not a major worry if you vape only once or twice, but if you are a heavy vaper, you should consider this before you buy.
  • Consider using a pen with variable temperature control, like the Yocan Pens, if you want to create big vapour clouds. Check out yocan vaporizer site.
  • Wax pens range widely in price from inexpensive to costly. Try out the handcrafted dab wax pens if you are an avid vaper and money is not an issue. However, the market also has a tonne of possibilities that you may look up online if you’re concerned about your budget.




Hopefully, you now understand what it takes to buy a quality wax vape pen. Consider reading online user reviews of the top dab wax pens; they might be helpful in helping you choose which brand to purchase.

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