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Lost Ark

Walkthrough for the Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3

In this guide, we will discuss the third and final phase of the Vykas Legion Raid, as well as its unique mechanics, as well as how to make it through the phase alive and emerge victorious.

Because the fight against Gate 3 contains bonus mechanics that are unlike the usual mechanics that have been present in all of the lost ark gold boss fights up to this point, it is important that all members are aware of how the mechanics work.

Wei: Deals significant damage to the boss while also staggering them.

Inanna: Reduces the amount of damage taken and heals the party. The third phase of Vykas’s plan focuses primarily on attack mechanics, such as the seduction gauge mechanic, which has the potential to have a significant impact on the members’ states.

The Vykas Legion Walkthrough for Gate 3 of the Raid

First Phase of the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3: 170 Health Points; Swamp Bridge: 150 Health Points; Clones and Swords: 135 Health Points; Seduction Typing Test: 120 Health Points;

Explosion of Seduction 105 times your HP

Stagger Check and Frog Bombs

In Hard Mode only, the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Second Phase requires x75 Health Points for the Swamp Bridge, x55 Health Points for the Tentacles and Orbs, and x35 Health Points for Spacebar Spam.

x0 HP Final Stagger

Vykas Gate 3 Attack Patterns

Seduction Gauge Mechanic Developed by Vykas

– At the beginning of the third gate, each member of the party will receive an additional gauge known as the Seduction Gauge in addition to the health bars they already have

– The Sidereal skill that Inanna possesses can be used to reduce the seduction levels by forty percent (seduction gauge)

– These orbs can only be used once during each fight, and there are only 4 orbs available during the normal difficulty level and 3 orbs available during the hard difficulty level

0% – 69% The player inflicts a lower amount of damage.

There is a one hundred percent chance that the player will become seduced and attack other members of the party.

Once a member of the party has been completely seduced, the player will lose control of that character and it will begin attacking the other members of the party. Attacking a seduced player with crowd control moves will break the seduction, but doing so is a dangerous move because the attack could potentially kill the seduced player if lost ark gold for sale is too powerful.

Pools of Enticement

Before attacking, Vykas has the ability to arbitrarily conjure up pools of seduction underneath players. Players will see an increase in their seduction gauge whenever they step on it. These pools can also be utilized strategically in order to advance the gauge and reach the powered state.

First Phase of the Vykas Legion Raid at Gate 3

The fight against Vykas Legion at Raid Gate 3 begins with the first encounter with the swamp bridge (x170), and continues on until the first stagger check (x105). This phase is referred to as the “first phase.”After that, she will mark players to whom the Bog debuff will be applied (three for normal, two for hard), while the remaining players will receive the Wind buff. Those who have received the Wind buff need to move to a different location that is farther away from the swamp bridge. Should then proceed to the side of the swamp bridge that is a significant distance away from Vykas. If the player’s seduction gauge is below 70%, they will only see clones of Vykas on taken spots; if it is above 70%, they will see swords instead.

In order for this to work, at least one member of your party needs to have a gauge that is greater than 70%. This will allow them to see and identify which locations have swords on them. If that location also has a clone on it courtesy of the other players, then all of the members of the group should head to that location in order to be safe from Vykas’ impending attack.

The Seduction Typing Test (135 points available)

Vykas will activate this mechanic when he reaches approximately x135 HP, and it will cause projectiles to rain down from the heavens. For this mechanic to be passed, more than half of the party must complete the Quick Time Event successfully.

Vykas will be rendered speechless for a brief period of time if manages to pass the QTE. Vykas will cast an arena-wide explosion that gets stronger the more players failed the Quick Time Event (QTE), so there is still a chance to survive, especially if stacks up on the supports. If up to three members fail the event, Vykas will ain a shield and cast an arena-wide explosion.

Attack from a Distance

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, Vykas will make a target selection and then launch a fly-by attack on that target. If she flies while dragging her sword along the ground, you should avoid getting in her way, but if she flies while swirling, you should try to get in front of her.


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