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Virtual Assistant Services: 9 Money-making Markets for a VA

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Are you a business process outsourcing company? Are you confused about what virtual assistant services you should offer? There are many questions you might be confused about. However, we must first look at what a virtual assistant is.

A VA is an independent service provider who works remotely to help businesses with their particular needs. Its uses are spread across various industries. Moreover, these VAs are freelancers and might have multiple clients at the same time.

You can easily make between $20 to $50 per hour working virtually. Let’s take a look at the services you can offer as a virtual assistant:

The 9 Profitable Markets for Virtual Assistant Services: 

We will now take a look at some of the industries that will prove profitable for a VA. Here are the nine best VA services that help you make money:

1. Customer Service: 

It is a challenging role to be a customer service agent. It is a time-taking and tedious profession. You will be dealing with thousands of customers daily. So, you need a virtual receptionist or CSR to manage everything seamlessly.

A customer service virtual assistant will take on the following responsibilities:

  • Answer customer queries
  • Deal with consumer complaints
  • Onboard new customers

Moreover, if you have already worked in the same market, your developed skills will make you a pretty valuable VA. You should reach out to experts, like DOS, to find the best VAs at an affordable cost.

2. Email Management: 

Who would like to have an inbox cluttered with emails? That is why various companies prefer to hire email management services from a VA. However, you might feel a bit of overlap between customer service and email management. But, some businesses want an assistant that can coherently handle the inbox.

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A VA would have to take on some of the following tasks:

  • Checking the inbox regularly
  • Respond to customers on your client’s behalf
  • Set up a business system for emails

3. Social Media Management: 

In today’s time, no one has enough time to handle their business social media accounts. This is where you require virtual assistant services to manage and grow your client’s social media presence. An SMM virtual assistant’s duties might include looking after Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other platforms.

Following are a few of the tasks you have to perform under social media management:

  • Generate original social media content
  • Respond to user comments
  • Interact with social media followers
  • Schedule content
  • Set up branded accounts
  • Increase followers
  • Improve user engagement

4. Email Marketing: 

Email marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. Every blogger and company need to have a resource who can manage email marketing smoothly. Not many have the expertise to handle it, and therefore, you need a competent virtual assistant.

A VA handles multiple email marketing tasks, some of which are as follows:

  • Create email opt-ins
  • Make landing pages
  • Organize auto-responder sequences
  • Schedule email newsletters

You should be familiar with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp. A VA must have the necessary knowledge about the latest and best email marketing practices to stand out.

5. Blog Management: 

Blogging is an integral part of every digital business. You can hire virtual assistant services for various tasks, some of which are as follows:

  • Uploading blogs
  • Formatting content posts
  • Sourcing relevant images
  • Optimize post blog with SEO practices
  • Interlinking new and old posts
  • Update old blogs frequently
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A VA is skilled with content management platforms as well as equipped with SEO knowledge. So, they will not only generate but also optimize your blog posts accordingly.

6. Manage Ad Campaign: 

You are not reaching your targeted audience without the help of ads. You must have come across many ads on Facebook, Google, and other platforms. Moreover, you can have a VA that will set up your social media ads to reach a wide range of customers.

Following are the tasks a VA ad manager would perform:

  • Creating campaigns
  • Copywriting for ads
  • Design and manage the ad campaign
  • Monitor metrics for ROI and other tasks
  • Boost ROI with optimized ads

Moreover, it is technical work, and not everyone is a proficient ad manager. However, virtual assistants come with high skills, and this is a very profitable service to consider.

7. Handle Product Launch: 

Many businesses require assistance when launching a new product line in the market. Being a proficient VA in product launch management will give you a significant competitive edge.

Here are a few tasks you have to perform:

  • Set up opt-in and sales page
  • Set up payment methods
  • Arrange guest post tours
  • Interact with affiliates
  • Make online ads
  • Deal with customer support

8. Bookkeeping: 

It is vital in organizing the finance of your business. Also, many small-sized companies do not have time to manage their finances. Therefore, you need a bookkeeper who can seamlessly handle everything. For your bookkeeping tasks, you can hire a third-party vendor.

Let’s take a look at some of the bookkeeping responsibilities:

  • Share invoices with customers
  • Pay employees and clients
  • Create balance sheets
  • Pay up bills
  • Help with preparing taxes
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9. Online Community Moderator:  

It is a healthy tactic for several businesses to engage in online communities to interact with their customers. However, these platforms are time-taking to manage. So, you need a VA moderator to have a broad reach.

A virtual community moderator performs the following tasks:

  • Implement community guidelines
  • Delete inappropriate posts
  • Remove members who go against group rules
  • Answer comments
  • Encourage engagement

The Final Thought: 

These are the top 9 areas where you can offer virtual assistant services. It depends on your interest and skills. You can become proficient in particular or multiple services and earn money without any hassle. If any business wants remarkable VA services, it can hire a reputed BPO company, such as DOS. They offer affordable plans with a three- to a five-day free trial, which will help you make an informed decision.

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