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Valley of Flowers Trek: Best Monsoon Trek in India

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  • Maximum Altitude: 14,400 ft
  • Trek Distance: 47 km
  • Temperature: Day 12°C-20°C and Night: 4°C-10°C
  • Best Time to go: June end to mid-September

The Valley of Flowers “Foolon ki Ghati” is one of the finest hikes that may be done during the monsoon season. It is ideally concealed in the West Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, at a lofty elevation of 3600 meters above sea level. The opportunity to witness the incredibly rare blue Primula makes the Valley of Flowers journey one of the most well-known treks in the world.

The mystical plant that Hanuman used to revive Lakshman in the Hindu epic Ramayan is thought to have been obtained from the Valley of Flowers. As soon as you enter the valley, a divine concoction of flower scents carries you to a paradisiacal place. Numerous types of wildflowers, including saxifrages, sedums, lilies, poppies, calendulas, daisies, geranium, zinnia, and petunia, have a hidden home in the 14,400-foot-high hidden lake.

It is a famous Trail That Everyone Wants to Trek. One of the most well-liked treks in the Himalayas in India is the Valley of Flowers walk. Even those who have never set foot in the Himalayas are familiar with the Valley of Flowers trek. However, there is a good explanation for Valley of Flower’s fabled popularity—it is one of India’s first treks, according to records.

Route to Haridwar:

  • By Air: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport. Visitors can take a direct trip to Dehradun from Mumbai or Delhi or connecting flights from any place in India. 


  • By train: Haridwar Junction Railway Station offers quick access to all of the adjacent major cities. From Delhi and Dehradun, travelers can easily board frequent trains to Haridwar.
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  • By Road: Haridwar is well connected to all major cities and towns by roads, thus travelers can take the bus of their choice and comfort to get to Haridwar easily. Haridwar is connected to Chandigarh, Delhi, Dehradun, and Nainital via a reliable road network.

What to pack for the Trek

  1. Raincoat
  2. layered clothing
  3. Caps
  4. Paper towels & wipes
  5. carry-on bag (50-60l)
  6. bottle of water
  7. coats made of fleece and thermals
  8. Walking boots
  9. light source (with extra batteries)
  10. insect and mosquito repellant
  11. Thermal lining

Weather in the Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers is famous for its spring season even if its summers may get rather hot. With an average yearly temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the climate here is typically acceptable. However, due to its height, the winters may get quite chilly here, which might ruin a variety of activities.

For its flowers, the Valley of Flowers trip is well-known across the world. “A thin path between the flowers urges you to explore deeper,” now a variety of blooms start to appear in addition to colors, but also in sizes, shapes, textures, and fragrances. You can find a new variety of flowers after taking a few tens of steps. You ponder how they ended up here. What caused the change in variety? It was intriguing to observe how the large fauna changed as the plants did.

Things to know before your Trek

  1. Littering is not allowed.
  2. Avoid earbuds on your hiking.
  3. It is necessary to abide by the state government’s guidelines. 
  4. Please present a legitimate ID during check-in.
  5. The weather affects every activity.
  6. Bring dry food and snacks from home, to save money.
  7. Bring reusable water bottles with you so you can rehydrate.
  8. Keep your luggage minimum.
  9. Roadblocks from landslides are a possibility because the Valley of Flowers walk takes place during the monsoon season. Your vacation itinerary should include a day to account for this.
  10. In the event of catastrophes or natural disasters, the management retains the right to alter the route.
  11. Professional guides are offered to guarantee maximum safety, additional information, and the individualized care required to fully appreciate a journey.
  12. The nature of hotels is simple. You shouldn’t count on luxury. There might only be a few places where you can get electricity.
  13. There may or may not be a popular location where you may charge your laptop and mobile device.
  14. Avoid drinking beer or using any other intoxicants while on the Valley of Flowers hike in Uttarakhand.
  15. The Valley of Flowers walk is not inclusive of permit fees.
  16. It is advised to pack enough warm clothing, a raincoat, and appropriate footwear for the journey.
  17. To have a secure and enjoyable journey, pay attention to the trek leaders and guides.
  18. Personal expenses, goods of a personal nature, lunches not listed, etc., will not be included in the Valley of Flowers Trekking package. 
  19. Transportation to and from the Haridwar Railway Station is available for an extra fee upon request.
  20. The Valley of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand is not advised for kids under the age of seven.
  21. To get the most out of the package, consider keeping to the timelines supplied by the trek leaders as some of the destinations covered in the journey are time-constrained.
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The Indian government created the Valley of Flowers National Park in 1980, and in 2002, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site. The Valley of Flowers is now on the bucket lists of hikers from all over the world as a result. 

Despite this, you should be informed that the hike through the Valley of Flowers is difficult. Prepare yourself accordingly for this experience, and get ready to fall in love with this beauty.


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