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Use Education Consultant Services to Study Abroad?

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Studying abroad is not an easy task. You need to prepare a lot of things, meet various conditions and have certain funds. It is also challenging. Of course, the way to study abroad is also different. Can it be managed independently? You can. You have to look for manual info, record intake schedules, register, complete files, find a place to live, apply for visa, test English and much more. Hmm, quite difficult huh?

If you are not sure and not confident to take care of all the needs of studying abroad, there is an easier way. What is it? That’s right! The answer is to use the services of an education consultant.

Does choosing help from an education consultant make a profit?

Before answering this question, let’s find out first. What is an education consultant? An educational consultant is an institution that helps students in the process of studying abroad. Education consultants usually work with various foreign universities, such as: consulting assistance, course application, VISA arrangements, admission, English classes, accommodation search and others. Let’s take a look at the following details

Educational consultants help you choose the right major

Confused about what major to take, your parents don’t approve of your major or do you need expert input? Going straight to an education consultant is the best answer. With CatEight Agent Finder, you can easily find a professional educational consultant that can recommend you the major that fits you best.

Education consultant will give you country and university options

After you are sure of the major you have chosen, now is the time to determine the location of the college. You can give a clue to the consultants. Approximately, what kind of college environment do you want. Whether in a metropolitan area, in a mountainous area, the coast or anything else that interests you. Next, the consultant team will give you several options according to the criteria you wanted earlier. You are free to ask and get as complete information as possible. Starting from the description of life there, the cost of living, tuition fees, dormitories and even entertainment areas that you can visit. Faster and more accurate than searching the Internet yourself, right?

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Education consultants assist with the course application process

Okay, have you fixed it with the selected country and university? It’s time to register. Don’t be afraid to miss your schedule. The education consultant will immediately check and re-check the intake schedule and file collection. They will also guide you through filling out the form until the final requirements collection.

Education consultant ready to escort admission

The supporting files as completeness of the requirements for studying abroad are quite diverse. There are English certificates (TOEFL/IELTS), essays or motivation letters, translated report cards and certificates, VISA and others. Don’t be afraid, the education consultant on CatEight.com is ready to assist so that all your files can be sent on-time and exceed the standards of new student admissions.

Education consultant will help you find a place to live

We will also help you with personal needs such as accommodation. We will provide several options including hostel, guest house or apartment. We will also explain the rules and descriptions of life there in the future.

How? Do you think that using the services of an education consultant is profitable? Try it yourself. Go to CatEight.com, and find an suitable education consultant to deal with all the things about studying abroad.

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