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Use Case: How I Used Digital Business Cards to Empower My Sales Team?

As a sales manager, I must ensure that my team performs at its peak. This means empowering them with the tools and technologies needed to achieve the best results. 

Digital business cards are beneficial for sales reps. Since most people own smartphones, reps can easily share their contact details with potential consumers using digital business cards.

It’s an effective upgrade to standard business cards, and I’ve noticed over a 2x increase in the average monthly sales for my team. 

I used QRCodeChimp to create digital business cards, and my experience was positive and hassle-free. I’d love to share how I made digital business cards and how you can do the same for your team. 


QRCodeChimp’s Digital Business Card Explained

I wanted to create 12 digital business cards for sales reps, and I needed a digital business card solution that:

  • Is easy to use and has a minimal learning curve
  • Has flexibility and various customization options

I tried several providers before subscribing to QRCodeChimp. It’s a QR code generator and management platform that offers a dedicated digital business card solution. 

The solution allowed me to create a digital business card containing a rep’s contact details and professional information. 

The profile page was entirely customizable. There were six design templates and other customization options like background image, font style, etc., to perfectly design the digital business cards. 

QRCodeChimp also allows QR code customization. Users can decorate their Business Card QR codes using shapes, colors, stickers, and more. 


One account for all digital business cards

Since I wanted to create multiple digital business cards, my biggest concern was to ask them all to sign up and create a digital business card for themselves. Thankfully, it wasn’t the case. I could create all the digital business cards from a single account. 

I subscribed to QRCodeChimp’s Ultima plan, which would allow me to create up to 900 dynamic QR codes. And even if the demand skyrockets to 4,500, I don’t have to worry about creating another account as the Ultima 5x plan allows up to 4,500 dynamic QR codes.


Subaccounts — A dealbreaker for me

QRCodeChimp’s subaccounts functionality was a dealbreaker for me. It allows users to add subaccounts under the primary account and give them access. It’s similar to adding users in WordPress. 

I added my two team leads (each leading a team of six reps) and assigned them to create digital business cards for their reps. The Ultima plan allows three subaccounts, so I can add one more team lead should the requirements arise. 

Subaccounts make management so smooth. I only need to create an account, subscribe to a plan, and add team leads as subaccount users. They can take care of all the QR Code creation requirements. 


Analytics for seamless evaluation

QRCodeChimp provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard where I can view the total QR code scans and time-wise, location-wise, and device-wise analytics.  

There’s also an option to view the individual analytics of each QR code, which allows me and the team leads to evaluate the performance of all sales reps. 

Hence, we can eliminate the guesswork and make informed, data-driven decisions. 


Bulk upload: A luxury to have

Since we had to create only a few digital business cards only, we were comfortable making each digital business card individually. But as we continue to grow, we’ll need to create a lot more digital business cards. 

I was glad to know that QRCodeChimp has a bulk uploading feature, allowing users to generate multiple QR codes simultaneously. We can upload the QR code data in an Excel sheet and upload it to create hundreds of QR codes in a few minutes. QRCodeChimp also provides a sample data Excel sheet for each QR code type, so we can just edit its fields and upload it. 

So, I don’t have to worry about creating digital business cards in bulk if my team size increases in the future. 


Seamless branding 

Effective branding is essential for sales, and QRCodeChimp allows us to align our digital business cards with our branding. 

We added our company logo to all our reps’ Business Card QR codes. Our consumers knew the QR codes belonged to us, so they scanned them without hesitation. 

Since we subscribed to the Ultima plan, we also got access to QR Code white labelling. We replaced the default scan URL and digital business card page URL with our domain name. This allowed us to ensure consistency and build trust. 


Abundance of features

QRCodeChimp isn’t just a digital business card solution. It’s a feature-rich QR code generator and management platform to create and manage QR code campaigns. 

For starters, it offers 35+ QR code types, making it an ultimate solution for all our QR code needs. The QR code customization options are amazing, allowing me to create unique and compelling QR codes. 

Besides, features like in-depth analytics, bulk printing, folders, and merchandise QR codes are helpful and offer an outstanding value for money.


Bonus: Additional use cases

QRCodeChimp’s digital business cards are helpful for many professionals across industries. Here are some use cases for you to get an idea:

  • Marketing managers and team leads can create dozens of digital business cards for their marketing reps to help them reach more consumers and generate leads. 
  • Real estate companies can create various digital business cards for their realtors to help them share their contact details with potential clients. 
  • Insurance providers can generate digital business cards in bulk for their insurance agents. 


Final word

QRCodeChimp helped me create digital business cards for my sales reps. It’s an easy-to-use solution that takes care of all my digital business card requirements. I can add subaccounts for seamless collaboration, and the analytics dashboard gives me an in-depth insight into how my reps are performing. And if I ever need to create QR codes in bulk, the bulk uploading feature has got me covered. 

If you want to create multiple digital business cards at once for your sales or marketing reps and other customer-facing professionals, be sure to check out QRCodeChimp. 

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