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Ultimate guide to fix your error in canon printer

The Canon industry is globally known for manufacturing cameras and other imaging devices. In hardware, Canon offers a wide range of printer devices. These printers are very robust and provide excellent printing services. The interface is very simple and the user can easily take printouts at a good speed. But sometimes Canon printers start showing error codes. One of the most common errors appearing on Canon printers is error code 5B00.

Common causes behind Canon printer error code 5B00

The Canon printer connection gets interrupted

Some printer files are not working on the PC

Canon services stop running

The printer is unable to find the driver

The firewall is interrupting the Canon printer connection

Invalid Canon printer settings

Print job stuck in the queue

Canon printer can’t fetch the cartridge

Resolving Canon printer error code 5B00

Power restart the Canon printer

When your Canon printer shows the error, try the most common solution; restart it. Printer devices get errors when some printer services stop working. The device can show issues when it meets any runtime error. You can easily fix the error by restarting it. But to resume printer services, you need to perform a power restart. When the Canon printer is On, eject the power cord. Wait for 5 seconds and then reconnect the cord to your Canon printer. All the printer services will start running from the beginning. Reconnect the Canon device to your PC and now check for the Canon 5B00 error code.

Use a Windows printer troubleshooter

The printer can show error codes when the required files are not working on the connected PC. To fix printer-related files, you can run a printer troubleshooter. Windows provide an inbuilt printer troubleshooter tool. On PC, search for Troubleshooter. On your troubleshooter tab, search for printer troubleshooters. Run the troubleshooter and it will start inspecting printer-related files. Now you have to wait until the printer troubleshooter is running. Once you get the report wizard, check for the error. If the error is resolved, you can use your Canon printer. But when the troubleshooter is unable to repair the error, search for other solutions.

Try reconnecting your Canon printer

If the printer is showing an error message due to connection issues then try reconnecting it. Sometimes the printer connection gets interrupted unexpectedly and it starts showing errors. To fix the error, you have to reconnect your printer. For a wired connection, eject the USB cable from both devices. Now check the cable for any damage. If the cable seems fine, reconnect the printer and PC. You should use a different USB port for connecting the printer. If the Canon printer is connected wirelessly, disable the Wi-Fi button. Restart the button after 10 seconds and wait.

The Wi-Fi lamp of your printer will start blinking. Go to your PC and start searching for available printer devices. Wait until you see the Canon printer on the available printers list. Select the Canon printer and the printer lamp will become steady. After the printer connection, you can easily take your printouts.

Install the correct Canon printer driver

5b00 error can occur when the Canon printer is unable to find the printer driver. If you are connecting your Canon printer to a new device then check for the driver. Without the printer driver, your Canon printer can’t communicate with the PC. On your PC, open the web browser and visit the Canon website. Now search for the Canon printer driver for your model and select the correct OS. Download the driver setup and install it on your device. Now restart the PC and reconnect the printer. The printer will start searching for the driver. After recognizing the driver, your Canon printer will start working.

Check for the firewall

Sometimes, Canon printers only show errors when connected to the network. This error occurs if the user has secured the network with a firewall. The firewall secures the network from all malicious data packets and unknown connection requests. When the firewall finds the unknown printer connection request, it immediately blocks it. To connect your printer, you have to disable the firewall. Go to your device and disable your firewall. Now retry to connect the Canon printer. After connection, add the Canon printer to the trusted devices list. After adding the printer, your firewall won’t block the connection request.

Check for the cartridges

You can get printer-related errors when the printer is unable to find the cartridge. On your Canon printer, check for the installed cartridges. If any cartridge is showing an error then eject it. Reinstall it correctly on the printer and check whether the printer is reading the cartridge or not. Ensure that you are using an original cartridge as the printer often shows issues with clone cartridges.

Reset your Canon printer

Canon printers can also get issues when the user changes some of the settings. If the settings are invalid, your printer will stop working. To fix the error, reset the printer. Go to the menu and navigate to the reset option. Choose hard reset and tap on the OK button. After a hard reset, the printer will be reset to factory settings. Reconfigure your Canon printer to the PC and now you can take your printouts.

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