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Tricks on how to find the best wholesale wig vendors


We must get the fundamental stuff right to find the top wholesale wig vendor. We have to keep our eyes and minds on alert. Be sensitive about all sorts of information such as contact details, addresses, phone numbers, emails, URLs, etc. If you come across a piece like that, whatever the easiest way to note it down, do it. 

Starting your search

You may be wondering where to start, and we understand that. Finding a good hair vendor is crucial. A good vendor means that this is the best because he suits you best. You have to find a reliable wholesale vendor that provides good-quality hair products and offers you the most reasonable prices at the same time. Let’s start!

Now in era 4.0, everything gets done on a smartphone or laptop. Like everyone else, you most likely start your search on the Internet: Amazon, AliExpress, and Alibaba, to name a few. But a good habit is to make a wig wholesaler list and note down which ones you have contacted, which ones you haven’t, and which ones you will reach again next time. Please pay attention to all vendor information details on their websites, especially their products. If their websites look well developed and informative, they must have invested much time in their business. The top full lace wig wholesale vendors know what they are selling and what services they provide.

You can also try a search on social media or join hair product forums to find the best wig vendors. You may find it hard to believe that social media has already connected you and suppliers worldwide, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Some searching tricks include hashtags like “hair” and “hair extensions”; they will give you many options at your fingertip.

Narrow down your list

By now, you probably have worked out a fully developed vendor list. Now the next step is to narrow down the list. Try to pick out the most reliable hair product wholesalers and weed out the low-quality ones. 

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Alright, now I believe you have had your list well-trimmed. Next, you can search on Google for the vendor’s business information, such as the quality of their wigs, their services, and reviews of this wholesaler. We believe customer reviews are the reasonably correct and most objective information for evaluating a wholesaler’s performance. Try all these methods, and it should help you render out a list of professional wholesale wig vendors. From there, you can start bugging each of them with questions. 

Contact and get to know your wig Wholesaler.

Once you have fixed with a particular wholesale vendor, contact them to learn more about them. Get their information from their website, such as WhatsApp, email address, WeChat, etc. Hotline or text them via email or leave a message on their WhatsApp or Wechat and wait for their response. If your wholesale vendor is willing, have a phone, or video conference through WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. Often, the vendor should respond to you pretty promptly. If it takes them a long time to make the initial response, you should move on to the next supplier. 

Never gamble on cheap vendors, to be precise, vendors who quickly offer you low prices. If you do, you may have to deal with the headaches of missed orders, getting the wrong products, etc. Focus on wholesale vendors who provide high-quality hair products. 

Ask for a sample to be sent to you before placing a large order.

To ensure hair quality, you should order a small sample first from the wholesale wig vendor to test it out. You can request a small portion of hair bundles and check hair quality by restyling them. Play with the hair by bleaching, dyeing, washing, and styling it with heat. If the test results meet your requirement, you can start trusting this wholesale vendor and purchase more hair products from him. 

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FAQs on finding the best wholesale wig suppliers

From who are you buying your hair products?

As stated above, you should never forget from who you buy your wigs. There are hundreds of thousands of wholesale wig vendors out there. At the start, you have no way to know who is professional and who’s not. Find a vendor with the most positive reviews, or get help from experienced buyers. Knowing your hair supplier in and out will help save you a lot of time and money. Plus, you rest assured about the hair quality. 

If you are looking for a reputable hair vendor, consider New Times Hair,you will never be disappointed. With their factory only a few miles away and a well-integrated team, from design, production, and customization to dispatching and shipping, they get everything sorted super quickly. Moreover, having coped in the hair industry for over a decade, they have developed a new supply chain to keep every step of production under close control. Costs are to the minimum, so are the prices of products they offer their clients, and they never compromise on quality.  

Where are the wig hairs originated? 

The origin of the hair is one of the foremost factors to keep in mind. Never forget to ask your suppliers about the source of the hair used. Many hair vendors, like New Times Hair, purchase hair directly from healthy ethical donors worldwide and have close control from the design stage throughout the production. But some vendors do buy hair from unhealthy and low-quality sources. After raw hair gets processed, the user can’t tell the difference. But, the wig’s lifespan from low-quality hair shrinks compared to high-quality hair. We recommend you buy hair from a company that controls the quality and origin of the hair and preferably owns a factory. 

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Is it human hair or synthetic fibers?

Also, what type of hair do you want to buy? Human hair or synthetic? Ask the vendor if they supply human hair or synthetic fibers. Select the hair that matches your needs and budget. 

We highly recommend using human hair wigs because of their outstanding benefits. Human hair wigs mimic our natural locks, offer a comfortable feel, and are safe and comfortable to wear. Plus, it is more durable and flexible than synthetic ones. You have found the best wig companies. Don’t forget that New Times Hair is one of China’s top human hair wig manufacturers and wholesalers. Feel free to contact them, and their friendly staff will help you find the best pick. Buying human hair wigs at New Times Hair will also help you boost your business reputation.

If the hair used is human hair, has it been processed?

Processing human hair is essential, as it determines the quality of the wig and its lifespan. If the hair is processed, it is challenging to restyle, or it may be easily damaged. 

To conclude

Hopefully, this post has been helpful for those who have been trying to find the top wholesale wig vendors. Please spend some time searching for them if you are serious about buying excellent quality hairpieces.  

If you have any concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are right here to help out.




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