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Top Websites for eBook Readers

Top Websites for eBook Readers

One of the most underrated good habits of today is reading. Reading has always been one of the prime forms of entertainment ever since writing began. There is nothing more enchanting than transcending into the world created by a writer, where you feel for the characters, enjoy their stories, and completely forget about your own life’s problems. Unfortunately, ever since social media and technology invaded our peaceful lives, the number of readers has been ever-decreasing. 

However, technology is not all so bad. As readers moved online, so did books. eBooks soon became very popular and people who craved reading started doing so on digital mediums. Whether you have a Kindle, an iPad, a laptop, or your phone, you can have access to millions of books online and that is the beauty of technology!

Are you also looking for newer books to read all the time? Well, we know how challenging it can be to find one good book right after the other. When you enjoy a good read, you set your standard high, making it more difficult to find the next equally engaging book. If you’re an eBook reader, you would know the struggles of having to find a good website that offers free eBooks and that too of good quality. If you’re also someone who wants a constant flow of new reading material at hand, you are just at the right place. We are here with a list of websites that you should check out and bookmark for your next eBook reading spree!

But before you take on this journey of e-reading, make sure you are backed up by a reliable internet connection. We suggest you hook yourself up with a strong internet connection like AT&T Internet that is super-fast and budget-friendly.

And now, without any further ado, let us look at some of the best websites for eBook readers!

1.   Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a great website that offers a variety of eBook reading options. The website is supported by a charity that aims at providing free reading material of good quality to readers all around the world. Most books available have a public domain and there are currently a total of 60,000 eBooks that you can read, free of cost.

You can also download the available eBooks on your device in the EPUB or MOBI formats, or read them online in an HTML format. You can look for books according to their categories on the website. The most commonly used filters include ‘most popular’, ‘by latest’, or ‘random’, which helps you explore new and unique eBooks.

2.   OverDrive

OverDrive is another good quality website for eBook readers that offers two main categories of books. One for general readers and one made specifically for students to help them access educational resources online. You can create your free-of-cost library card for OverDrive and use it to borrow or access books on the website.

From New York Times best-sellers to hidden gems of the past, OverDrive offers millions of books, new or old, unique or popular, and has a separate section for recommended books for indecisive readers!

This is not all, if you’re seeking to create your own book collection for your organization, school, or business, that too can happen. OverDrive allows you to partner with them and create your very own curated book collections.

3.   LibriVox

Are you more of an audiobook person? We have just the right website for you. LibriVox allows you to access one of the biggest audiobook collections that are recorded by users from all across the world. You can listen to these audiobooks on the go by accessing through your phone, iPod, computer, or any other device that supports audio files.

You can filter your audiobook search by authors, book titles, genres, or languages. There is a total of 18,000 audiobooks in more than 45 languages. Isn’t that amazing? And, if you like your reading voice, you can even volunteer to record a book in your voice for them.

4.   Feedbooks

With the tagline Read, Listen, Buy, Borrow, Feedbooks offers pretty much all of your eBook options. Feedbooks offers unique categories like ‘speculation fiction exploring distorted realities’, ‘books in the wild’, ‘Eat your way through Literature’, and ‘Books about books, each of these categories bearing hundreds of options that you can explore anytime.

You can also search titles you’re looking for in the search bar if you know what you’re looking for. Feedbooks also has an app that you can download on your phone. Their app is available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Ending Note

You do not have to stop reading with the excuse of not having any free time on your hand. With eBooks, you can read anywhere, anytime, and that too from a pool of millions of titles around the world. So do not give up on a good habit just yet, because readers have so much leverage on non-readers for sure!

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