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Top Sleep Tips

Top Sleep Tips

  1. Don’t Take Caffeine Later On In The Day

Caffeine is something you’ll want to avoid later on during the day. You want to avoid drinking or taking any sort of caffeine late at night. Unfortunately, it can affect you as many as 6 hours after consuming it. It’s a stimulant. Therefore, it can keep you up at night. Some may even be more sensitive to small amounts of caffeine than others. Everyone is different. You’ll need to figure out when you need to stop drinking caffeine to ensure it’s not going to ruin your sleep.

While you don’t have to get rid of your caffeine consumption in the morning, you do want to try to curb your drinking at night. Try to avoid it later in the day because of the potential impact it can have on your sleep. You want to give the caffeine around 6 hours to process. Otherwise, you risk having it contribute to sleepless nights or even poor quality sleep.

  1. Eat Earlier

One of the best things you can do to improve your sleep is to eat earlier at night. A lot of people eat far too late. You want to try to consume your dinner around 2 to 3 hours before laying down. This is especially true if you already get heartburn and acid reflux. By eating earlier in the day, you can keep your meal from disturbing your sleep or contributing to an inability to fall asleep. You will also find that it’s going to help your body focus more on getting your body primed for sleep. When you eat too late at night, the food can prevent your body from warming up. This can result in you falling asleep much later because it messes with your body’s internal clock.

  1. Take a Bath

A good thing you can do to get your body primed to fall asleep is come up with a relaxing nighttime routine. One of the best routines you can do every night is to take a warm bath. Taking a warm bath anywhere from one to two hours before you lay down will help you relax. This can put you in a mental and physical state of relaxation. This is what you want to help you fall asleep. Your body starts to heat up when you are falling asleep and then transitions to dropping your core body temperature. Because of this, you can speed up the process by taking a warm bath before bed. This temperature regulation is essential to getting you to sleep and keeping you asleep. This is the period in which your body produces the most melatonin which is your sleep hormone.

  1. Sleep Supplements

Another good option for someone that has a lot of trouble sleeping is a natural sleep enhancer. There are different options you have available for this. Some herbs will promote you falling asleep and staying asleep.

The Valerian herbal supplement is one of the most effective at this. It’s a supplement that comes from the perennial flower. It’s a dietary supplement so it’s not regulated by the FDA. This herb is known for helping you not only fall asleep but also remain asleep.

Tart cherry extract is another supplement that you could consider adding to your routine. This supplement is good because cherries themselves contain melatonin. Therefore, it’s a good way to ramp up melatonin production to kick your sleep cycle into gear. This can be a good way to increase melatonin production throughout the night which can keep you asleep for longer.

If you are someone that would rather drink warm tea, you can try chamomile tea. This is a tea that can help you relax and it’s known to help improve overall sleep quality too.

  1. Relax

From listening to music, reading, meditation and simply lying comfortably in a peaceful room all of these things will set you up for a peaceful nights rest. According to reviews on how Emma’s Australian mattresses feel these are a fantastic mattress for those hoping to improve their sleep environment.

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