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Top Mobile App Developer Companies In Dubai As Of 2022

Covid 19 pandemic has made people addicted to using mobile phones. People use mobile to do shopping, make payments, and interact with different people. Mobile applications are an integral part of businesses-like health, e-commerce, banking, food, and any other retail business. As the number of mobile users is increasing, there is also an unprecedented growth in the number of the Mobile app in both google and apple play stores.

Different brands now use mobile apps to connect with mobile internet users. Companies are choosing mobile app development to stay relevant among their target audience and to get ahead of their competitors. According to the research by Statista, in 2022, more than 3 million apps are present on the Google Play store and almost 2.11 million apps are present on the apple play store. These numbers are not static both app stores continuously remove apps with low ratings and poor-quality content.



If you are a new businessman and want to jump on the bandwagon of app development, here is the list of top 10 mobile app development companies in Dubai that can design the best mobile app for you.

Top 10 Mobile App Developers Companies

1.      RetroCube


IT industry experts consider RetroCube software house a Global guru in IOS and android mobile app development. This company has talented software engineers, front-end, back-end developers, graphic designers, and animators that can assist you in designing the best mobile application for various platforms.

RetroCube team makes sure that their client gets the best services.The team also helps them in turning their dream projects into reality. The professional here works with the client from consultation to the app delivery. They also make sure to work till the satisfaction of the client.

The best services of RetroCube include native mobile App Development, hybrid mobile app development, Engaging Ui/ UX, Game app designing, and Alpha and beta testing of an app to check functionality. The developer team also delivers app porting services to their clients.

2.      Algoworks


Algoworks is one of the leading software houses in India that provide IT services to clients all around the globe. This company has delivered more than 1200 projects in different services. The Algoworks team can be best for you if you have a limited budget and want timely services. The software house has a mission to deliver detailed, good-quality work with incredible swiftness.

Best Services of Algoworks include a free consultation, Unique, and user-friendly UI/UX Design, Custom app development, and Salesforces Services provide an instant boost to client business.

3.      Utility


The utility is a top IT company that delivers services to its clients globally. This company is based in the US and also provides digital marketing assistance. The professional experts working in this company have designed the most popular apps for different platforms. This company is also flexible with budget as they offer a variety of services within the range of client budget.

4.      Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the renowned software houses. This IT company was founded in 2011, now based in New York, California, India, and Dubai. If you want to develop an eye-catching unique website for your business, choose Hyperlink InfoSystem.

They offer help in custom mobile development, web design, blockchain development, gaming app development, and augmented and virtual reality development.

5.      NineHertz


If you want quality services on time, select the developers from NineHertz. This company has been working in the IT field for a decade now. Their experience developer uses all the innovative and new technologies to deliver services to their clients.

NineHertz has expert front-end and back-end developers that can design mobile apps for cross-platforms. If you want to develop a game app, don’t worry their team can help you in that aspect also. Their services also include web development, low code development, and Salesforce development

6.      Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is undoubtedly one of the best software houses in the US. The developer team understands the feature of a mobile app that clients want in their application. They plan the product design and make strategies to create a product that is a replica of the client’s idea. That is why, their client list includes tech giants like Microsoft and news websites like Bloomberg. This company has collaborated with P&G also.

So, select this company to get the best mobile app development services.

7.      Netguru


Netguru can assist you in designing, and delivering quality apps in a limited amount of time in an efficient way. Their services include a mobile app and web development. Netguru team also assists you in the management of your digital marketing strategies and machine learning

8.      Techahead


Techahead has been operating in the software and digital technology field for last 13 years. They have worked with more than 700 brands and have 2 billion user interactions. Their clients include Microsoft, Google developer, Samsung, IBM, and Fastly. These features are enough for you to select this company for your business app development.

9.      Kitelytech


KitelyTech can help you in website design with an extraordinary focus on user design and user experience. These experts working in this company also provide multiform synchronization and custom development of apps. Their offer services like web and SAAS application, salesforce, quality assurance, and data analysis. If you want SEO of your website along with website development then hire experts from KitelyTech.

10. Emizen Tech


Emizen tech is an Indian-based software company that works to offer all the innovative digital services to their clients. It delivers services of mobile app development, e-commerce, and gaming app development in Dubai. If you are Indian, you can chat to their customer support as they offer free consultation services.


Mobile has become the necessity of today’s world. So, brands also got the chance to use smartphones in their favor to generate more sales. Mobile apps are the contributing factors to the increase in earnings of many renowned companies. with continuous innovations and updates, you can earn money from any app but make sure that you choose the best companies for the designing of your business mobile app. This list might help you to select the top app devolvement & developers companies in Dubai.


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