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Top five lake trek

tarshar lake

Tarsar marsar lake

Tarsar Marsar is possibly the most beautiful hike in India. Treks are not given this honour lightly. especially when the difficult sister excursion, Kashmir Great Lakes, is present. Tarsar Marsar trek, on the other hand, is a journey where alpine lakes come to life. It’s not only that you can pitch a tent next to these ice-blue, snow-fed lakes (KGL doesn’t even allow for camping). Or the remoteness of these campsites, which is advantageous given the current state of hiking. You get to completely circle Tarsar and Sundersar, giving you various perspectives of the same lake.

Chandra tal lake

It is situated on the Samudra Tapu plateau at a height of about 4300 metres. Due to its crescent-shaped shape, the Chandra Taal, sometimes referred to as the Lake of the Moon, got its name. In 2005, it was designated as a site of international significance. The journey is challenging because the lake is one of only two high-altitude wetlands in India that has been given the Ramsar site designation. If one wants to see a landscape that is comparable to that of Ladakh, the lake’s location in the Spiti region of the Himachal Pradesh district of Lahaul and Spiti may be seen as cost-effective. When compared to a trek in Ladakh, the difficulty is low. The hike is only challenging when you cross a river. But it’s controllable. Your hunt has ended here at this lake. You will feel at home among mother nature thanks to the beauty of the lake, which reflects every colour of the sky from the depths of its aquatic life. Emerald green at dusk, still-blue turquoise at sunrise, and the collision of violet and blue tones with orange and pinkish hues are all visible. Van Gogh’s brilliant painting gives the impression that it is in the sky. The best time to have an amazing experience is from mid-June until the end of October.

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Kareri lake trek

Hike through the stunning surroundings of forests, grasslands, streams, and lakes to reach the ideal elliptical glacial Kareri lake. Kareri Lake is a freshwater lake surrounded by jagged mountains, subtropical meadows, and lush subtropical plants. Travel across the peculiar Kareri Lake with a skilled and kind guide by your side. To reach a height of 9,650 feet, hike through the stunning, verdant forest of chirr and chilgoza pines. Sleep outside and take in the locals’ tales while you take in the simplicity of life away from the hectic metropolis. Hike through the stunning surroundings of forests, grasslands, streams, and lakes to reach the ideal elliptical glacial Kareri lake. At Kareri Lake, a freshwater lake surrounded by luxuriant subtropical trees, alpine pastures, and rocky mountains, take in the bounty of nature. Cross the peculiar Kareri Lake with the assistance of a skilled and kind guide. Reach an elevation of 9,650 feet by hiking through a lovely, lush forest of chirr and chilgoza pines. Sleep outside and take in the local villagers’ stories while you take in the ease of life away from the hectic cities.

Kashmir great lake

It is impossible to adequately describe the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, which has a summit elevation of 13,000 feet. It is situated above Sonamarg, which is situated right before the Zozila Pass, on the Srinagar-Leh highway. During the eight-day journey from Sonamarg to Nichnai to Vishansar Lake, there is an elevation shift. At the twin lakes of Gadsar, Satsar, and Gangabal, in that order, are the ensuing camps. Its remote meadows and valleys are dotted with Maple and Pine trees. When multiple brooks regularly flow down to join Nichanai, the forest canopy embraces the shade of the light. As we get closer to Gadsar, we might be able to observe how deep the Tal was that was previously crossed. The freshwater from the lakes is good for the body and the soul. Fitness and stamina are crucial. It’s a hike that demands some work. From June to September, when spring is in full flower, is the ideal time to travel.

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Brahmatal lake

At a height of 12,200 feet, the Brahmatal Lake Trek offers a complete package to a nature lover. You will get your first introduction to rhododendrons and old, ancient trees throughout the first leg of the journey. In the spring, this magnificent woodland cover serves as a lovely flowering ceiling. Huge ice-capped mountains like Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti surround you as you move away from them. The hike becomes exhilarating as more Himalayan mountains, including Mt. Chaukhamba, Mt. Neelkanth, and Mt. Hathi Ghoda, come into view. Incredibly beautiful vistas of two lakes, a forest, and a meadow can be seen on this climb, one of the best in North India.



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