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Top easy and professional ways to clean vinyl floors

If you have timber flooring at your home, you probably have heard of its maintenance. The timber floor needs time to time cleaning. Many people think wood floor cleaning is a daunting process. But cleaning the woodwork is not as difficult as you think. Whether you want to hire an expert cleaner or clean it by yourself, you just need proper knowledge of it. 

If you are concerned about floor cleaning, ask a professional cleaner. Do not use cleaning products that contain chemicals. Let me tell you that chemicals can damage the floor. Moreover, they can decrease the life of the timber floor. Cleaning is a simple process that anyone can do at home. We have some amazing tips‌ you can use to clean vinyl surface. However, for the vinyl floor polish, you can hire experts. To clean the vinyl floors, use these easy tips. You need to follow the steps to achieve the best results.

Before cleaning the  floor, you need to know what tool you can use to clean it.

Tools for cleaning the vinyl surface

There is a huge difference between light cleaning and deep cleaning. For both types of cleaning, you need different tools and materials. Following are the tools for light vinyl floor cleaning.

Tools for daily routine vinyl floor cleaning:

  • Broom

The broom is used for daily routine light cleaning. You can use it for every type of floor cleaning. Use a soft broom just to clean dust and dirt out of the floor.

  • Dust mop

A dust mop is highly efficient to clean the dust and dirt particles out of the floor. It is easier to use than a broom. You just need to glide it across the floor simply rather than back and forth sweeping.

  • Vacuum

Many people are unsure about vacuuming the timber floor. Let me clear to you that vacuuming is safer than using hard tools on the timber floor. For the floor sanding in Perth, experts use sanding machines. These machines are just like a vacuum. So, you can use a vacuum for daily floor cleaning.

Tools for deep timber floor cleaning:

  • Spin mop

For mopping timber floors, we prefer to use a spin mop, such as the O-Cedar. It is easy to make a mop damp by wringing out spin mops.

  • Spray mop

A spray mop is also a good option. Spray the area before sweeping with these before you use them. This minimizes standing water after sweeping.

  • Cleaning solution

You can use any of the cleaners that you use for dishes to clean timber floors. It is a better option than choosing commercial cleaners that contain chemicals. Chemicals often damage the floor by leaving stains or spoiling the shine of the floor. If your floor needs deep, proper cleaning, any dishwasher detergent can be used.

Top easy ways to clean timber floor

There are a variety of ways that you can use to clean the timber floor. However, you probably need timber floor polish if the floor has lost its shine. All you need are the above-mentioned tools to clean the timber floor.

Clean timber floor with water and vinegar:

Vinegar is the best cleaner. You can use it for cleaning purposes. If your timber floor has not been cleaned for many days if there are stubborn stains. In case you have tried all the DIY methods and cleaners without success, use vinegar now.

Follow the steps to create a solution:

  • Take a bucket
  • Put one cup of apple cider vinegar in it
  • Add one gallon of warm water
  • Mix it well
  • Apply gently with a mop (You can use a spin mop or spray mop to clean the floor).

Apple cider vinegar dissolves grime on floors. You can use this procedure for woodwork polishing in Perth. Vinegar gives extra shine to the surface. Therefore, you do not need to apply extra polish after using the vinegar on it.

Clean woodwork with laundry soap:

Even if your woodwork has scratches and stubborn stains, you can still clean it. Even the scratches can be removed by using the laundry soap. If the floor has severe wear and tear, professional vinyl floor sanding and polishing can only clean it.

Vinyl floor polish is necessary to make it look clean. However, if you do not want to hire experts for it, you can do it by yourself. Use this easy procedure. Besides cleaning the floor, it can also polish the vinyl floor as an expert does.

  • Take a bucket
  • All 1 gallon of warm water
  • Add two or three drops of laundry liquid soap to it
  • Mix it well
  • Apply it to the floor gently with the mop(Use spin or spray mop according to your need).


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