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Top Blunders to avoid when buying refurbished PCs

Buying a refurbished computer is a great way to save money and get a high-quality product. You can find deals on refurbished desktops and laptops, as well as refurbished servers, monitors and other computer accessories. However, there are some mistakes that you should avoid when buying refurbished PCs.

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Mistakes to avoid when buying refurbished PCs

  1. Don’t buy from an untrusted seller

The first mistake you can make when buying refurbished PCs is to purchase from an untrusted seller. There are many websites that claim to sell refurbished computers but in fact do not have any inventory or any intention of fulfilling orders. These sites are designed to steal your credit card information or even set up a phishing site that looks like a legitimate retailer’s site but is actually trying to steal your login information.

  1. Not knowing what to look for

The most important thing is to know what to look for in a refurbished PC. When buying from an online retailer like eBay, Amazon or Newegg, make sure they have some sort of warranty so that if something goes wrong with your machine, they’ll replace it or refund your money. When buying from a local retailer, always check their return policy before making a purchase so that you’re covered if you don’t like the machine after all.

  1. Don’t buy an outdated model

Another mistake people make when they buy refurbished computers is they buy an outdated model rather than something current or future-proofed enough for their needs. If you’re buying a desktop PC, for example, make sure it has at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 processor (or better). Also look for options such as USB 3 ports and HDMI outputs so that you can take advantage of future upgrades down the road

Don’t get a computer that is too old. Refurbished computers often have very limited hardware specs, so it’s important to get one that has enough RAM and storage space for your needs. If you’re looking for a laptop, make sure it has an LCD screen with at least 1280 x 800 resolution and an Intel Core i7 processor or better.

If you want to get a desktop computer, make sure it has at least 8GB of RAM and 500GB of storage space. You can also choose between AMD and Intel processors.

If possible, buy from a reputable manufacturer instead of a third party reseller who doesn’t have any reputation yet. However, if you want to save money on your purchase and don’t mind taking more risks, go ahead and buy from an independent seller who offers lifetime warranty on their products.

While refurbished and open-box computers in general can provide you with powerful machines for far less money than a new computer, there are still mistakes that you can make when trying to find the perfect deal. Use our information above to help ensure that your next machine is not only powerful but at a great price too.

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