Painting your commercial property is a great decision—however, the results come out perfect only if you have professionals at your help. Hiring professional commercial painters may seem like an unnecessary expense but there are several benefits of hiring licensed commercial painters that you should know about. If you are contemplating the same, this blog mentions the eight benefits of hiring licensed commercial painters to help you make your decision easier.

Reasons for Calling a licensed commercial painter

1. High-quality painting 

Hiring unlicensed painters can be risky. Inexperienced contractors may not know what they’re doing and they could potentially leave you with shoddy work that leads to more significant problems down the road, including mould growth and leaks in your ceiling. Hiring a commercial painter with relevant experience and high-quality materials is the best you can do for your commercial property. Licensing is one way for you to ensure that your commercial painting project is done perfectly.

2. Insurance

Most reputable painters are insured and bonded. They will be protecting their business from potential losses just as much as you’re looking to protect your property. It can give you peace of mind that if they happen to damage a wall or floor, they will repair it. Bonding ensures that if a painter cannot do their work in one year, they will still get paid for all parts done.

3. Quick work

Licensed painters know how to work quickly, professionally, and efficiently, ensuring each job is done correctly from start to finish. Rest assured, knowing they’re using quality materials and proper techniques when they get to work on your property-because; no one wants a sloppy paint job!

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4. Skilled solutions

Exterior painters in Sydney must complete rigorous training and are subject to ongoing training regimens throughout their careers. They’re trained to not only paint walls but also repair patch, touch up, prime, and prep walls for various surfaces and applications. They can even handle exterior or interior remodelling tasks related to wall surface preparation. You don’t have that level of expertise-not by an extended shot-so it would be better to leave it to them!

Professional painters have undergone specialised training in painting techniques and product knowledge. They have also studied architectural composition, design principles, colour theory, and other subjects that give them a better sense of how to make walls look good. Their specialised skills can make your building look its best. If you want your property to shine, hire licensed commercial painters who know what they’re doing. It’s worth it!

5. Worthy investment

If you’re going to be charged hundreds or thousands of dollars for a painting project, you might as well ensure that your investment is protected. An experienced painter knows his trade like few others and will make sure your home or business looks impressive after he’s done. Besides, good painters will charge only for what they do; there are no extra fees for holidays-and many commercial painters offer 100% perfection.

6. Business contacts with contractors 

Hiring commercial painters from exterior painters in Sydney is one way to ensure that the work will get done right. It’s true because professional painters have business relationships with contractors and subcontractors who can assist with painting services and their positions on a construction site. If you’re building a new business from scratch, consider hiring professional painters to work alongside your crew and others to help complete your project.

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7. Safety standards

The laws vary from state to state and city to city, so if you hire a painter who’s not licensed or accredited in your area, they might be working outside the law. If that happens, you might end up paying for more repairs. The experts recommend hiring a licensed commercial painting company to handle your next project. To ensure you avoid these problems, only work with licensed commercial painters. 

8. Coordinated schedules

Depending on your job’s complexity, you may need several other tradespeople on-site to complete it. Before these workers arrive and put in their time, they’ll want to know what you expect for them, what materials they should bring with them, and whether or not they’ll be paid overtime if that day runs long. That’s why having a painter on-site will ensure that these questions are answered beforehand, preventing delays further down the line.


If you’re looking to get some painting done on your commercial property, you should hire licensed commercial painters with the experience and know-how to ensure efficient working. Sydney Wide Painters is the best exterior painter in Sydney who delivers professionally curated painting solutions as per clients’ requirements, whether for commercial or residential purposes. The experts of Sydney Wide Painters are just a call away; get in touch soon!

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