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Top 7 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Softwares 2022

Top 7 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Softwares 2022

What is white label software? It is software that a corporation uses and brands as its software. In a word, the company operating the software “rents out” it on a subscription basis. So, white label cryptocurrency exchange software is a ready-to-use program that includes essential features and technical means. Security integration makes the exchange fully functional. One of the essential features of white label software is that it can be customized. You just need to consider user preferences in terms of name, trademark, emblem, UX/UI, color schemes, etc.

White label exchanges allow entrepreneurs to quickly create their own branded cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can also choose their transaction fees, cryptocurrency pairs, and other options. That is why they are becoming more and more popular among potential investors.

Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

When you have come up with the business concept, you have to find reliable software. Don’t ignore the available methods to check it. You have to ensure that the technical possibility of the WL solution fits the development prospect of your business. Here are the best software:

1. Coinsquare

It is integrated with KYC and payment processors that provide quick and efficient user verification. This white label software is outstanding because it was created on a functional cryptocurrency exchange basis. The goal of Coinsquare was to make a platform for quick and safe trading of cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Also, the exchange makes it possible to trade gold and silver (pairs XAU / USD and XAG / USD) and exchange Dash to LTC.

2. Nishue

It is a comprehensive solution for purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies and lending with the MLM system. It is developed by the CodeIgniter framework and includes JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files. Also, this software allows analyzing the cryptocurrency market.

3. BlockEx

It works with the complete life cycle of blockchain products. Its crypto exchange white label solutions have HFT support and connectivity via the FIX API and ITCH protocols.

4. LetsExchange

As a free, user-friendly, and completely automated service, it helps users save time and make more funds. You are not required to register and provide confidential data. You can do various actions with digital assets. LetsExchange cryptocurrency platform works with the most extensive providers and exchanges. So, you can trade numerous digital assets.

5. Prolitus

It is a relatively big corporation with many workers and many years of software development background. It is concentrated on growth in blockchain — from the creation of tokens and the launch of ICO to the execution of white label solutions for exchange cryptocurrency trading.

6. IWando

In addition to the blockchain, the company works in the field of domain registration and web hosting. It has proved itself nice as a creator of cryptocurrency platforms. Many users do different operations with cryptocurrencies there.

7. TradeGow

It is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange software. A lot of customers are ready to make an exchange on this platform. If you have a Binance account, you can organize finances while keeping the Binance backend. The main benefit is that users can trade each BTC pair for a USD balance. For each trade, the administrator will get a commission.

If you want to work with white label cryptocurrency software, you can choose among the options provided. You can evaluate which software is right for you according to your business needs.

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