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Top 5 Thumbnail Maker Apps That Can Help to Design Custom Thumbnails

Just like Google, YouTube has become the largest database when it comes to hosting videos. According to recent stats, there are over 800 million videos on YouTube and 720,000 hours of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube. These stats show that YouTube has become a go-to medium for people who want to watch videos like standup comedy sessions, skits, vlogs, and gaming live streams. This phenomenon has allowed YouTubers to earn a fortune based on the monetization of their uploaded videos and the number of views they get for their videos.

As a YouTuber who wants to earn a significant amount of money, you need to make sure that people take notice of every video you upload on YouTube, whether they search for relevant videos or find them while browsing YouTube. This is only possible when the thumbnail of your uploaded video is impressive and can entice people to watch your video. You may need an efficient Youtube thumbnail creator for this purpose. We have discussed some efficient video thumbnail maker apps in detail to help you in this regard. Further details are given below:

Video Thumbnail Maker Apps for Android

Mobile phones have made our life pretty easier. It is not just a phone now; you are carrying a tiny computer in your pocket that makes a lot of things possible for you. Creating a thumbnail is also one of those things, which means you don’t need your laptop or desktop for this purpose.

All you need is a reliable Youtube thumbnail creator app, and you are good to go. Here are some effective apps that can help you create a great thumbnail for your videos by providing you with an impressive YouTube banner template. Read on to know more:

  • Thumbnail Maker – Channel Art

This creative app allows you to do multiple things in one place. You can easily create a stunning YouTube thumbnail for your next video to be uploaded on YouTube. Not only that, but you can also use this app to create cover photos and banners. This app offers an easy-to-use interface. People belonging to various demographics can easily use it and create amazing thumbnails and banners that are sure to catch the attention of the audience. You can simply select the YouTube banner template category to find the template as per requirements and edit or modify it to complement your video effectively. Additionally, you can easily create covers for other social media platforms without any watermark using this app.

  • Thumbnail Maker & Channel Art Maker

Often people looking to create a YouTube thumbnail want it to be as custom as possible. This app allows them to do so. From colours to signs, you can find plenty of items that allows you to create a bespoke template for your video without paying even a single dime. This app comes with a fonts keyboard that allows you to use a variety of fonts to make your video thumbnail more presentable. Additionally, there are fancy text presets and collage options in the app to make things easier for you.

  • Ultimate Thumbnail Maker and Channel Art Maker

Sometimes creativity needs a fitting tool and this app is a perfect example of that. It has plenty of features that can help you reflect your creativity through video thumbnails and banners easily. You will find video thumbnail, social media cover, and YouTube banner template categories in the app easily. Choose the category you want and create a masterpiece that can compel the audience and grab their attention at once. Moreover, this app offers numerous stickers, text design presets, fonts, and font effects to help you make sure that your audience gets impressed every time they visit your channel.

  • Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker

Another great app that earns its spot in our list of efficient thumbnail maker apps is “Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker”. This app has made it to the list because of its easy-to-use interface, easy customizability options, 75+ categories, and 1000+ HD templates that are sure to satisfy your requirements. It also offers a wide variety of stickers, 100+ typography styles, and above all several stock images to make things even easier for you.

  • Thumbnail Maker: Cover Maker And Banner Maker

The goal of using a thumbnail maker app is to save time and effort, and this app lets you do that. The easy-to-use interface makes it really easier for any person to design a custom YouTube thumbnail or banner in a few minutes. The whole process requires users to make 5 simple actions and the user can get a stunning social media cover, YouTube thumbnail, or banner. You can also apply multiple filters to images and modify them according to your needs.


Thumbnails for YouTube videos allow YouTubers to catch the attention of the interested audience. Hence, an appealing YouTube thumbnail is a must if you want to earn a fortune. We have put together details about some of the best thumbnail maker apps to help you in this regard. We hope these details will help you fairly.

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