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Top 5 Best ITIL Certifications to Gain In 2022

Top 5 Best ITIL Certifications to Gain In 2022

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) initially developed by the United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office. ITIL provides a comprehensive set of best rules for IT service management.

IT has swiftly progressed into service in the past few years, so it must be integrated across the organization to leverage its functions for optimal results and processes. Certification and ITIL training can prove beneficial for IT professionals, program managers, project managers, and more to advance their careers. Moreover, a framework for IT service management can be described as a collection of best practices, guidelines, and procedures.

ITIL has adopted a framework for managing services within the digital era. The best certifications and modules describe ITIL practices to help enhance and optimize digital technologies to manage traditional service management to align with modern service management systems.

ITIL certification program is accepted worldwide and grants many opportunities to work abroad.

Here are the top 5 ITIL certifications that one should not miss in 2022.

  1. ITIL foundation 

The ITIL Foundation Certification training course is the entry-level certification course for IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices training in ITIL. The foundation course covers the latest version of core ITIL best practices presented from a service lifecycle perspective. The course introduces the moral principles and core elements of IT service management (ITSM).

ITIL Foundations certification teaches you new skills and knowledge around IT Service Management: creating high-quality products and services that help your customers. It is a certification valued by employers and can help you stand out in the hiring process and with promotions.

The ITIL foundation certificate involves the basics of ITIL, where most newbies start the process of aspiring ITIL and on a journey of becoming ITIL certified.

  1. ITIL practitioner 

The ITIL Practitioner certification is the second level entry to the ITIL platform. This program level implies practical knowledge of ITIL processes and states that the principles are implemented in the real world. An ITIL practitioner explains how to support business objectives and focuses on the company’s change and management activities.

The prerequisite for ITIL practitioners is to clear the ITIL foundation certification level, and it emphasizes adopting the ability to remove the ITIL concepts in the organizations. Although the ITIL practitioner certification is not necessary for upper-level ITIL credentials, achieving Practitioner certification provides three credits towards the next step of ITIL certificates, which is ITIL Expert certification.

  1. ITIL Intermediate

ITIL has a significant role in maintaining and managing software. An ITIL intermediate gets an opportunity to work in service management, and it requires skills of practical and pragmatic ability to analyze the management programs. Knowing ITIL has opened opportunities in IT service as the market is embracing the alliance of IT and business technology adoption, and that opens ample scope in various industrial fields of higher education and medicine.

ITIL intermediates are concerned with the Service Life cycle and its Capability categories. The essential criteria of the candidate are training in IT management for two years minimum and a degree of ITIL intermediate. The employers in the field of services receive high regard, and their recruitment rate is high.

  1. ITIL Expert 

The ITIL Expert certification is an advanced certifications level comprising the breadth and depth of ITIL frameworks and acts as a step closer to ITIL master. To reach the position of ITIL expert, clear the ITIL intermediate exam and embrace yourself further.

To qualify for an ITIL expert, it is essential to obtain 17 credits from the foundation, practitioner, and intermediate exam level, plus passing the managing across Lifecycle module (MALC), earning 22 credits.

  1. ITIL Master 

The pinnacle of ITIL master certification demonstrates an ability to apply the ITIL framework in real-world situations. The ITIL Master consists of all ITIL principles, practices, and processes covered at the foundation level through Expert certifications. An ITIL Master must demonstrate complete mastery of the ITIL framework.

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If you have been thinking about becoming CTO or CIO, obtaining an ITIL certification could be your ticket to a promotion, a new job, or advancing your career. Furthermore, the ITIL framework can aid organizations in:

  • Risk management
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Cost reduction for service development and deployment
  • Enhancing customer relationships
  • Implementing an agile IT environment

Benefits of ITIL certification in 2022

Usually, any accreditation or certification confers several valuable benefits. An ITIL certification provides you with the following benefits:

  • You gain a solid understanding of the product
  • Ensure your professional growth
  • Boost your earning potential
  • Boost your productivity
  • Establish your credibility

According to industry experts and those certified in ITIL, certifications benefit both the individual and the organization.

Getting an ITIL certification can help you maximize the value ITIL can offer your organization. Typically, people start at the ITIL foundation level and progress to the Master’s level.


We hope the top 5 ITIL certifications programs are transparent and crystal. In 2022, ITIL will add much difference to your resume and your skills. The career in ITIL is vast, and many job opportunities are open once you clear all your five levels.

Having a degree in ITIL is embracing and recognizing in a global framework, and this degree is in high demand among startups and even big companies. Several Multinational Companies are looking for potential corporate partners with a degree in ITIL. Fujitsu, Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, Sony, Toyota, and likewise involve employers with knowledge in ITIL. These employers receive a handsome sum of a package and receive acclamation hugely.


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