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Top 3 reasons why lockers are important in schools

Top 3 reasons why lockers are important in schools

The same way schools have teachers, boards, tables, and chairs as some of the important features that make up the school is the same way storage lockers should be made available. Lockers have been one of the most important aspects of any organization, and that includes schools and public places.

Storage facilities are not just meant to be installed in schools; they are part of those facilities that make learning less complicated.

The classroom shouldn’t be a place where bags and other personal belongings are kept. Instead, they should be left outside the learning environment (classroom) and kept, maybe in the halls before finding ways into the classroom.

All of these, however, will depend on space allocation and how much space is available for every facility. It is impossible for a school not to have a sick bay or a first aid center where treatments are administered. Similarly, there should be no learning environment without storage facilities.

So, you should rethink if you still think it’s wrong to have lockers in schools or learning environments. One way to promote the level of creativity of students is by having lockers available for them.

Giving each student’s lockers the possibility of them getting creative with their locker concerning designs and color is one way to help them get creative. So, lockers in this regard could also be a teaching aid in helping the children understand and develop their level of creativity.

Your locker should spell more of you and should be able to predict to an extent the type of person you are and the type of things you’d like.

Getting creative with your locker will mean personalizing it to be more you and how you’d want your personal space to look. Amongst these are several other reasons you should have lockers in the learning environment.

Here are some other reasons why you should have lockers in schools:

It helps to secure valuables

Irrespective of how obvious you think this reason might be, it is still important to note it as one of the core reasons. Irrespective of whether you might have known before now, lockers are essential in storing valuables.

As mentioned earlier, the classroom shouldn’t be the place where you store your valuables or bag. Instead, you should have all of these left at the storage locker given to you. Every student should have a locker where textbooks, bags, headphones, smartphones and other personal items are kept outside the learning environment.

Having your gadget far from you will help you stay focused on school activities instead of wasting time on your phones and gadgets while lectures are ongoing.

For health and safety precautions

Another reason you should have storage facilities installed in a learning environment is that it spells a sense of safety for every student, teacher and facilitator. Having textbooks in your backpacks, laptops and other teaching aids all on you could be very tiring.

You might need to move from one class to the other and from one department to the other, walking such distances back and forth with your backpack on you is even more tiring.

So, instead of going through all of these stresses, the locker storage facility is there to help you hold and keep all of these valuables. Your health becomes more protected since you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy textbooks with you all around the learning environment.

Your posture could be altered by carrying heavy backpacks, and it could also affect your neck.

Spells sense of responsibility

Having your personal space would mean being responsible for whatever happens in the space. So, you have the duty of keeping the locker clean, and dust free at all times.

Depending on your level of creativity, you could have it designed and compartmentalized. The space is yours to do whatever you wish, so, knowing that you now have your mini apartment where you act as the landlord over it, you also get to shoulder some of the core responsibility.

One of them is keeping the locker locked at all times. Apart from cleaning and designs, ensuring the locker remains locked at all times is one of those responsibilities that could become tiring over time.

You must be sure nothing has gone wrong with the locks so, once you lock it, ensure you confirm it is locked before you take your leave.

A sense of responsibility automatically comes with owning your locker, including the learning environment.


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