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Top 11 Free Magazines WordPress Themes 2022

When was the last time you opened a physical magazine? It has been a while, right? Maybe it is when you were in your doctor’s waiting room. People are more into online magazines these days. They like to read on their Kindles and smartphones. If you are up for creating a magazine website with WordPress, you will have a number of themes to choose from. Most of these are compatible with WordPress website builders, like Elementor.

Here are the 11 free magazine WordPress themes to choose from:

#1: Magbook

This theme is exclusively built for magazine, review websites, newspaper, etc. The design is highly responsive, clean, and flexible. It just takes one click to install the theme and you will have a lifetime of free updates. The best part is this theme is not just limited to magazine style websites. It can be used for any type of website.

Magbook theme is optimized and tested for fast page load times. It is clean, minimalist, and highly secure. That’s why it is the top choice when it comes to building magazine websites.

#2: Hueman

If you are looking for something versatile, this is it. Hueman is used for diverse websites such as schools, small business, blogs, and even personal websites. It is also known for offering a great mobile experience. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use.

More than 70K websites are built using the Hueman theme. It is a best-rated theme for magazines and blogs. It is loved by Google by because is extremely mobile friendly.

#3: Fashionistas

The name says it all, Fashionistas is for building a fashion magazine. The theme is responsive, clean, and stylish. The theme has black and white components. It also comes with a number of social media buttons which is something you will find useful in building a fan following. Favicon upload is one of the standout features of this theme. There is no need for using an additional WordPress plugin for that. The theme gives you access to a number of customization features.

#4: Madd

Madd theme has a nice frontend interface and it offers plenty of space to fit the content. You can start with its free version and upgrade if you want more features. Blogs, newspapers, and magazines – all such websites are well adjusted in this theme. It allows you to show your content with videos, images, and sliders. The design is SEO friendly so if you are up for boosting your search engine rankings, this could be it.

#5: Colormag

This magazine theme has tons of positive reviews. It’s popular among bloggers just like Spectrum bundle deals are popular among consumers. You can use for not just a magazine website but gaming or a lifestyle blog as well. Custom backgrounds and a variety of options to play with colors is something any user would desire. The theme also allows you to insert ads.

#6: Activello

It’s a highly customizable theme. It is clean and multipurpose. The developers have created it using bootstrap frontend framework. This makes it highly responsive and mobile friendly. Activello offers you nice graphics and design options. The custom widgets let you add as much customization as you want to for showcasing your content in style.

It is SEO friendly and it has the Schema compatible structure. That means you can count on it for improving the search engine ranking of your website. It is best suited for fitness, personal, adventure, food, travel, corporate, and magazine websites.

#7: Silk Lite

This is another unique theme option you can choose for an online magazine. It is similar to Pinterest but it looks highly professional. The homepage will show a list of your blogs. The menu is right underneath the logo at sits at the center of the theme. Each blog comes with a large featured image, title, and some description. You will also find some interesting aminations. It can be used for building a fashion magazine as well as a lifestyle website.

#8: Lifestyle Magazine

The name may say it is a theme meant for a lifestyle website but it can be used for other websites too. The layout is clean and simple. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the default setting, you can also add your creative touch-ups. It’s extremely easy to customize the theme. You don’t need any coding experience.

The theme fits on all devices and works on popular web browsers. The loading speed is great and its SEO friendly as well.

#9: IsleMag

Looking for something modern? IsleMag might just fulfill your needs. It has a boxed layout and it gives you an authentic magazine feel. You will also get access to modern fonts and social media icons for extensive sharing. On the homepage, you will see multiple advertising slots. It allows you to integrate your social media presence with your website seamlessly.

#10: Poseidon

It’s one of those themes that can cater to a variety of industries. The design includes a lot of white space. You will have social media buttons too to spread the word about your website. The design is elegant though. With a wide-screen layout, you will make your readers see exactly what you want. You can add a number of widgets to the homepage. Users love its blog customizer. It is extremely simple to use. It also allows you to design media and text-based posts.

#11: Courage 

Courage is not that popular of a WordPress theme. It doesn’t have many downloads either. However, that does not mean it is not worth trying. It is very easy to use and set up. It offers a minimalist design. You can add widgets in the sidebars and move them around as well. Its slideshow feature let you draw the attention of users on the featured post. The homepage template is flexible and customizable. There’s no need to learn to code for that.

It’s indeed overwhelming to choose from one of these themes. As long as you stick with the best ones, you will manage to create an attractive magazine website that actually catches the attention of users.


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