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Top 10+ Online CRM Software to use in 2022

In the fast-paced world of competitive businesses, choosing the right CRM software can make a vast difference to your success pipeline. With the right system, you can foster vital relationships and derive significant energy between the organization and its customers.  

In this blog, we have curated a list of 12 CRM Software that can suit the functioning of your organization. Before we check the features and benefits of these software, let us learn what customer relationship management is and how does it impact the overall functioning of an organization.  

What is Customer Relationship Management?  

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is an organized approach for developing, managing, and maintaining a profitable relationship with customers. It entails the system of tracking and scrutinizing every interaction and communication of the company and its customers and clients.  

There are various CRM software available in the market to choose from. Based on basic customer requirements like Operational CRM, Analytical CRM and Collaborative CRM, we have prepared a list of 12 best CRM software available in 2022.  

12 Online CRM Software in 2022 


Best for: CRM Workflows 

Price: $0/mo-$16/mo 

User Interface: Simple and Plain tops the list of the best online CRM software in 2022. The software allows you to customize workflows for tracking all aspects of the sales cycle from lead generation to post-sale support. It also allows you to tailor your data management system according to your sales pipeline, workflow or customer data.  

What makes it best? With Monday, you can visualize every piece of information at one glance on the dashboard. This makes it easier to spot any potential bottlenecks or problems in the sales cycle.  


  • Quickly identify potential problems in the sales cycle 
  • Easy customization for tracking all aspects of the sales process 
  • Close monitoring of sales pipeline and performance 
  • Available in mobile application versions 
  • Can be integrated with other apps and tools used 
  1. Zoho CRM 

Best for: Best CRM For Small Business (SMBs) 

Price: 4 Paid Plans: Standard ($14), Professional ($23), Enterprise ($40), Ultimate ($52) per user per month 

User Interface: Simple and easy-to-use 

Zoho CRM offers a 360-degree view of the business, track essential sales and marketing opportunities, and increase conversion rates. Over 150,000 customers use the software on a global level.  

What makes it best? Zoho CRM offers exclusive ways to close more deals for your business. It’s a multichannel CRM where you can easily interact with your customers through email, live chat, social media and on call. You can also integrate the CRM with third-party software and analyze your performance metrics. 


  • Customer Service Analytics 
  • Customer Support Tracking 
  • Email Response Control 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Live Chat and Performance Metrics 
  1. HubSpot CRM 

Best for: Marketing 

Price: $45/mo-$3200/mo 

User Interface: Simple and Easy to use 

HubSpot is one of the popularly used online CRM software among enterprises and organizations. The software is popular for its inbound marketing and sales software. Users can effortlessly use it to organize leads and customers through the software, while business managers or owners can view the entire sales funnel with the help of visual dashboard.  

What makes it best? HubSpot is a free CRM solution for small business. Users can effortlessly organize leads and customers through the software. It can easily help track all customer interactions.  


  • Email and Lead Nurturing  
  • Contact Organization and Management  
  • Over 300 Integrations  
  • Live Chat and Chatbots 
  • Sales Pipeline Data 
  1. Oracle CRM 

Best for: Partner Relationship Management 

Pricing: Standard Version: $90, Enterprise Version: $125 

User Interface: User-friendly  

Oracle CRM is one of the renowned and trusted online CRM tools in the current market space. The software offers a complete, integrated and extensible application suite for modern customer experience. It also provides reliable solutions for marketing, sales, commerce and social platforms, service and CPQ.  

What makes it best? Oracle CRM helps with tracking sales, leads as well as opportunities. It has a simple installation and integration process with other oracle tools. The software also helps increase productivity while emphasizing selling rather than overviewing.  


  • Provides social interactions with good integration of Client data 
  • Supports business intelligence applications with self-service and e-billing 
  • Integration with Siebel CRM and CRM gadgets 
  • Offers good price and partner relationship management 
  1. Oracle NetSuite 

Best for: Improving sales performance 

Pricing: Can get a quote for pricing details, a free product tour also available 

User Interface: Simple and user-friendly 

A cloud-based CRM solution, the Oracle NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of customers in real-time. It is one of the popular online CRM software commonly used by large enterprises. The software contains all functionalities like sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and many more.  

What makes it best? Oracle NetSuite streamlines lead-to-cash processes. It efficiently boosts the sales performance with its forecasting, upsell and commission management features. Moreover, the software enables you to manage global sales and services management.  


  • Quotes and Order Management 
  • Commissions 
  • Sales Forecasting 
  • Integrated e-commerce capabilities 
  • SFA 
  • Customer Service Management and Marketing Automation 
  1. Nimble CRM  

Best for: Customer contact management 

Pricing: Nimble Contact ($9) 

User Interface: Simple and friendly 

Nimble helps establish a better client-customer relationship in the multi-environment and crowded world. 

It provides a fast and quick approach for monitoring, engaging and increasing business relationships. Through Nimble, users can foster communications with customers into a single platform for simple understanding. 

What makes it best? Nimble CRM provides a fast and quick approach for monitoring, engaging and increasing business relationships. The software helps combine communications and customers into a single platform for simple understanding.  


  • Good customer contact management for a multi-environment through social listening and engagement 
  • Simple and client-friendly 
  • Assign tasks to anyone with improved sales pipeline tracking and reporting 
  • API, Custom fields, Email signature capture, Smart App, group messages, and many more 
  1. Sugar CRM 

Best for: Plethora of features in an affordable range 

Pricing: Open Source (Trial version is completely free); Sugar Professional ($40) 

User-friendly: Simple and easy-to-use 

SugarCRM is another popular customer management tool used by numerous companies that require good management for sales and marketing. The CRM software comes with impressive features including a variety of communication options in a decent and affordable price range.  

What makes it best? SugarCRM helps to host instances on-site, thus making customization easier. The software comes with various features at an affordable feature. Its centralized storage and integrated management of a project are highly beneficial.  


  • Good sales, support automation, and lead marketing 
  • Cloud-based deployment with good customization and online support 
  • Offers a centralized storage with expanded workflows and role-based views 
  • Reference integration with SQL, MySQL, and Oracle support 
  1. Salesforce CRM 

Best for: Overall CRM 

Pricing: $25/mo-$1250/mo 

User Interface: User-friendly and easy to navigate 

What makes it best? Salesforce has 24/7 customer support available via phone, email and tickets. The software offers high-level automation and personalization and is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac and Android. It also offers enterprise territory sales management, a sales CRM and management of social networks.  


  • Opportunity Management to close more deals by identifying the perfect opportunities 
  • Contact Management to track parameters like customer history, communications, and social media mentions 
  • Sales Performance Management to set sales goals and update targets for the best sales performance 
  • Visual Workflow enables to drag, drop, share, and track files and updates 
  • Salesforce Feedback Management, personalizes the customer’s experience by adding merge fields within the survey.
  • First Feed Feature allows seeing what you want to see first
  1. Salesmate 

Best for: Increasing revenue and connections in business 

Pricing: Starter ($12 per user/ month), Growth ($24 per user/ month), Boost: $40 per user/ month), Enterprise: Custom pricing is available 

User Interface: Clean and straightforward 

Salesmate is great for those that want to increase revenue and connections in their business. It is a cloud-based sales performance customer management software that empowers sales teams and customers with simple, personal and productive experiences.  

What makes it best? Salesmate offers a personal touch to prospects and ensures the team members have the right information at the right time.  


  • Sales sequences allow creating automated playbooks for any stage of the sales cycle 
  • Save time, increase focus, and stay on track by having the team’s activities in one central hub 
  • Sales automation features like email sequences, drip campaigns, and workflows allow nurturing leads effortlessly 
  • Using a lead assignment system makes it easy to funnel contacts to the right salespeople for quick action 
  • A report library that’s easy to navigate and understand allows you to run reports on any sales-related data 
  1. Pipedrive CRM 

Best for: Best for Deal-Oriented Sales Teams 

Pricing: $12.50/month/user 

User Interface: easy-to-understand 

Pipedrive CRM is mainly focused on small-business solutions. The CRM software offers advanced capabilities, chatbot creation for websites, and efficient reporting. But as we’ve seen with previous iterations, ease of use remains one of Pipedrive CRM’s best features. 

What makes it best? Pipedrive organizes leads in a way that provides a great overview of sales, and makes you focus on the important deals first. It provides clarity, and gets your team on the same page. 


  • Cataloging / Categorization 
  • Customer Service Analytics 
  • Customer Support Tracking 
  • Email Response Control and Knowledge Management 
  • Additional features like Live Chat, Performance Metrics, Search, and Self-Service Portal 
  1. Zendesk CRM 

Best for: Customer Service and Sales Personnel 

Pricing: Sell Team: $19 per user per month. Sell Professional: $49 per user per month; Sell Enterprise: $99 per user per month 

User interface: Easy-to-use and simple navigation 

Zendesk is a sales CRM software specifically designed to ease the jobs of sales personnel in an organization. The integrated tools in the software streamline daily sales tasks, track conversions, facilitate performance visibility and improve sales pipeline management.  

What makes it best? Zendesk offers multiple email templates to help create and save sales emails. The software provides a centralized dashboard to perform and monitor all sales-related activity. It also enables users to engage with leads automatically by sequencing emails and tasks.  


  • Sales Reporting and Analytics 
  • Sales Prospecting 
  • Seamless Integrations and API 
  • Sales Email Intelligence 
  • Native Dialer 
  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Best for: Maximizing Profit  

Pricing: Customer Engagement Plan ($115), Unified Operations Plan ($190), Dynamics 365 plan ($210), Applications and offers ($40 to $170) 

User Interface: Simple and user-friendly 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a popular and strong CRM software. It helps to streamline the processes and increases profit in sales, marketing and service divisions. 

What makes it best?  Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps create a strong bond with the customers by fulfilling their expectations and requirements. It leverages centralized information of the customer and automates interactions.  


  • Helps to centralize the data of contact, sales, marketing 
  • Helps visualize the information and automate data with workflows 
  • Easily available on android, IOS, windows and web apps and creates a new database for the already available data 
  • Create data of the customers into excel formats 

Why is CRM vital? 

With the increasing competition for sales and leads, sales teams and business owners require better ways to track customers through every stage of the sale. This is where opting for the appropriate CRM software comes into role.  

To summarize the necessity of customer relationship management software:  

“CRM tools can help manage and improve company interaction within a centralized database by leveraging email marketing, lead generation and marketing automation.” 

Author Bio: – Samruddhi Chaporkar is a Technical Content Writer and Digital Marketer. She is passionate about sharing Tech solutions with the hope to make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to their professional growth. you can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter

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