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Top 10 Movies Made in Asia

The last two years were quite depressing for people from all walks of life. The pandemic took a toll on our financial health, as hundreds of thousands of people lost jobs while many businesses had to shut down. Amidst all this chaos, one thing that helped us get through the pandemic is the streaming apps. Netflix, specifically, offered an extensive range of Asian movies that kept people distracted from the COVID news. As we were quarantined at home, we had a lot of time to explore a variety of Asian movies that were trending at that time. Many have considered taking digital art classes and concept art courses from reputed institutions to start a career in this industry. Others simply watched entertaining movies to keep themselves busy and entertained. Here are the top 10 Asian movies that every aspiring designer or movie maker should watch for inspiration.
  1. A Whisker Away 
Japan is famous for anime. One such anime movie that captured the attention of movie lovers is “A Whisker Away”. This fantasy movie is available on Netflix. It features a high-school girl with an entertaining and energetic personality, which looks pleasant to some and obnoxious to others. To escape from the trouble that she faces in her relationships, school, and friendship, she uses a cat mask that turns her into a cute kitten.
  1. The Host
The South Korean Entertainment industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The Host is a remarkable thriller movie that focuses on a monster emerging from the Han River in Seoul and killing hundreds of people. This also includes Hyun-Seo. The plot focuses on her family trying everything in their power to rescue the daughter. It’s very inspiring for moviemakers or those interested in the film industry.
  1. Repossession
Repossession is a movie for psychological thriller and horror genre lovers. The plot focuses on the life of a mid-aged person living in one of the most expensive and status-conscious cities. His life turns upside down when he loses his job but has to hide it from his family. While he struggles with unemployment, he ends up with a demon from his past resurfacing. The cinematography is excellent, and so are the plot and acting.
  1. Wet Season 
Wet Season is another great Singaporean film produced by Anthony Chen, featuring Yeo Yann Yann and Koh Jia Ler. The movie is about a complicated relationship between a teacher and an innocent student. A married teacher struggles to get pregnant and ends up forming a bond with a student. The movie gets its name from the fact that it was shot in the monsoon. So, you can expect romantic rainy scenes. This award-winning Singaporean title is a must-watch for people looking for something exciting and unique.
  1. You and I
This heart-touching film was made in Indonesia. A great movie for all types of audiences. It’s a documentary made by Fanny Chotimah revolving around the life of two women Kaminah and Kusdalini. The two women who met as prisoners in 1965 became best friends for a lifetime. Their friendship grows stronger every year. The movie gives you a glimpse of this beautiful friendship despite the difficulties they experience along the way.
  1. Under the Open Sky
Made in Japan, Under the Open Sky is an inspiring film for people struggling with their current lifestyle. The director has beautifully brought many elements into a single movie. It has emotions, fun, romance, and a lot of exciting elements that will keep you hooked to your screens till the end. The plot revolves around Yakuza, a prisoner who tries to find a purpose in living after being released from a 13-year prison. Watch him adapt to a new lifestyle outside the prison while finding his mother, who abandoned him in his childhood.
  1. Sementara
None of the movies has managed to portray the vivid culture and unique identities of Singaporean personalities better than Sementara. It is a documentary shot during Singapore’s 50th anniversary. The movie is based on people from different backgrounds, races, sex, and ethics living in Singapore. It delves into their lifestyles. Sementara shows you some universal truths through intimate interviews. It covers concepts like what people do to make ends meet, whether they believe in god, etc.
  1. Veins of the World
Veins of the World is a Mongolian film that shows you how Mongolian cultures and the environment is endangered by the world’s popular corporations. It focuses on the life of nomads who earn their livelihood by taking care of flocks and selling homemade items in the local market. However, their entire existence is threatened by a bunch of mega-corporations that destroy their natural habitat slowly. What happens to these children when their father dies and they have to find a new means of survival? Overall, a great plot and amazing cinematography.
  1. The Medium
Made in Thailand, this supernatural horror film is for the horror genre fans looking for something unique. The Medium contains intense gore, occultism, and many horrifying elements that will keep you engrossed throughout the film. The movie is based on a shaman who tries everything in her power to drive the evil spirit out of her niece. What happens when they find out what has possessed the family member is not the goddess or a kind figure. The cinematography is excellent. If you aspire to build a career in movies or cinematography, watch this one.
  1. 76 Days
76 Days is a Chinese movie that shows you the behind-the-scenes lives of healthcare specialists, scientists, and other medical professionals in Wuhan as they were preparing to fight the first wave of COVID. It takes you to the time before COVID became a global pandemic. The movie focuses on the chaos and confusion the doctors experienced when they had to deal with several COVID emergency cases throughout the day. Asian movies are people’s all-time favorite, not only because of the actors and cinematography but for the plot too. The graphics, sound, dialogue delivery, and everything is on point. Watch the above movies to learn more about Asian culture.

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