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Tips to upgrade your Mac gadgets’ RAM

Are you facing Mac product slowing down issue? Do you also wait for hours to smoothly run an application in your Mac? If yes, so there is definitely a big chance that your memory usage is high and you further need an upgrade of Mac RAM.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary memory which is used by the CPU to hold information that processes actively on your system. Slowdowns occur when your Mac experiences high memory usage, or when it needs more RAM than it can provide to the running applications. If you have more RAM available in your Mac, then it will be able to perform the tasks you want to operate on it.

Although increasing RAM is obvious to speed up Mac, before I show you how, let’s make sure that you are actually experiencing a slowdown because of RAM shortage.

How to know that Mac demands more RAM?

Mac creators say 8GB of Mac RAM is more than enough for your daily usage. But, demanding processes like video editing, graphics creation require more RAM. Before you consider upgrading your MacBook RAM, let me show you how to check your Mac’s RAM usage.

  1. Press Command + Space and open Spotlight Search
  2. Type Activity Monitor.
  3. After that, select the Memory tab(on the top of the window) in the Activity Monitor
  4. Focus on the Memory Pressure

Generally, if you see mostly green, your RAM is fine. If you see a lot of yellow, it’s unclear. And, if you see a lot of red, you may have a low memory and memory usage on your Mac.

You can also free up your RAM without upgrading or changing it with the new and updated version. Instead, you can use Mac Optimizer Pro software. It will automatically scan your irrelevant running apps issue and clear them within just few clicks. Furthermore, it also provides an option to clean up Mac of yours in which redundant and unused files get cleaned automatically.

Different devices of Mac and their RAM updation’s steps

 MacBook Pro RAM update

Steps for manual upgrade of RAM on your MacBook or MacBook Pro:

  • First switch off your Macbook
  • Then, Turn it upside down and remove the backplate
  • With the help of tiny screwdriver, unscrew the larger backplate
  • A thing to remember- one screw is lot smaller than the others. So keep it safely
  • After unscrew the back, Pull the latches apart on each side, by this RAM will pop up
  • Remove the RAM by sliding it out. Hold it by its edges and avoid touching the gold connectors
  • Insert the new RAM into the slot and press it down until it clicks into place
  • Bring the large backplate back on the device, and then screw it
  • Next, Screw the smaller plate back on the place
  • Check the installation of new RAM by turning on your MacBook and going to About This Mac

Mac Pro RAM upgrade

A Mac Pro computer can be upgraded with additional memory, meaning you can add RAM to any model. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Switch off your Mac, and wait till it gets cool down
  • Afterwards, disconnect all cables
  • If you have static electricity on your Mac Pro, touch its metal case to discharge it
  • Rotate the top latch left and up to unlock the housing
  • Lift and remove the housing
  • Remove the RAM modules by releasing the RAM cover lock on the left
  • Put the new RAM module in the slot and gently press until it clicks and do not touch the gold collectors
  • Replace the RAM module cover by gently pressing until it clicks
  • Put the top latch right and lock it.
  • Check the About This Mac menu to see if new RAM installed correctly or not after re-connecting all peripherals. It will definitely speed up Mac of yours

Mac mini RAM upgrade

The process of adding memory to your Mac mini is simple, but not all models allow you to do that. RAM can be installed in Mac mini models from 2010 to 2012, but Mac minis from 2014 do not support memory upgrades. The Mac mini models from 2018 lack user-installable RAM and the Apple processor includes the RAM in the Mac mini models from M1.

The following steps will help you to upgrade the memory on your Mac mini 2010-2012:

  • Turn off your Mac mini, let it cool down and unplug all its cables
  • Turn the bottom case of the Mac mini counterclockwise by placing it upside down on a soft cloth
  • Press on the case gently to pop up the opposite side, and then remove it.
  • Unclip the clips of the memory module and then pop it up. And then remove the module
  • Do same with the bottom module
  • Put new memory into the desired slots
  • Reinstall the bottom case and turn it right until it is locked
  • Lastly, Check whether new RAM has been installed by connecting the power cord and using About This Mac

With these steps you can easily speed up Mac of yours manually.

Why MacBook Air’s RAM is not get upgraded?

To make MacBook Air computers thinner, Apple solders the RAM directly onto the motherboard. This prevents the laptops from being upgraded with RAM.

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