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Tips To Learn: “What Do You Need For Tattoo Transfer?”

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It can be fun to have a tattoo or not! That is why many people are still reluctant to get a tattoo, as they are scared of the “forever” impact.

In that case, how about getting a fake tattoo by having it transferred temporarily to your body or anywhere? Check out our article with the answer to “What do you need for tattoo transfer?” right now!

What Do You Need For Tattoo Transfer?

Using Thermographic Transfer Paper

The easiest method to transfer tattoos requires a thermographic transfer paper. Here’s how you can use this simple tattoo to get a tattoo instantly:

  • Thermographic transfer papers contain three layers: under the sheet, carbon paper, and transfer sheet. Put the design facedown under the carbon paper and on top of the sheet, and put the whole three papers in a thermographic transfer maker, which you can find in tattoo shops.
  • Once you have run the papers through the transfer maker, you will have a copy of your original design on the carbon paper. You will have to tear the carbon off to get the transfer work.
  • Please select a location to put on the printed paper on your body, then wet the area with soapy water and rub it. Once the skin is fully wet, put back the carbon copy onto the skin, and press it down. The design will transfer once you press down the carbon paper.
  • The transferred design will appear once you lift the carbon layer out. If the design has not come fully through, put it back on the skin and press for one more time before lifting it. 

And that’s how to use tattoo transfer on your body. To make these tattoos stay longer, remember to use the best soap for tattoos to ensure the design stays vivid and close to permanent!

Using Printable Tattoo Paper

If you want to transfer a tattoo over objects, you must have a printable tattoo paper. Let’s figure out in detail what are the steps and objects needed for this procedure:


  • Get a surface you want to tattoo on, and clean it beforehand to make sure it is dry and clean. 
  • Peel the adhesive layer, and transfer it over the design you’re having. Remember to trim around the image so that the borders stay as close as possible. Then, peel the plastic film to expose the adhesive layer on top of the design. 
  • Put the design side down on the material, and moisten it with a cotton towel. Press it on the design gently until you see everything gets wet. 
  • Pull the backing paper back to review the image. The design should stay on the craft right now. If it doesn’t, put the paper back and moisturize the area again. 

And that’s the way on how to use tattoo transfer on objects! 


And that’s the answer to “What Do You Need For Tattoo Transfer?” 

For two different goals, you will need two different techniques requiring distinct tools for tattoo transfer. These tools can easily be found in the bookstore or tattoo shops, so you don’t have to worry about how to get that equipment. 

After reading this article, we hope you can figure out how to transfer tattoos fast and effectively. Thank you, and we will see you soon in the next tattoo-themed article!

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