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TikTok Comments: How To Drive Engagement?

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With 1 billion active users worldwide, TikTok is taking center stage in the engagement rate compared to other social media platforms. TikTok videos generally have an engagement rate of 17- 18%. Are you wondering how TikTok videos are becoming more engaged among the audience? Behind the viral and trending videos, there lies a concept of comments. Creators may think the comment section is only to share the audience’s opinions. But the truth is that it is a part of TikTok engagement and one of the essential factors in the TikTok algorithm. 

When you scroll videos on the for you page, you may notice the comment section. Some videos will have thousands of comments. If you create a unique and inspiring video, your comment section will flourish with opinions. Even the audience may include emojis in the comment section to express their views about a video. With TikTok comments, you may gain organic reach to your account. TikTok comments allow brands to connect with customers and help build healthy relationships. It is also helpful for brands to create awareness. So take advantage of comments to show your brand authenticity. If you are a brand looking to strengthen your online presence, then buy tiktok likes and enhance your reach.

Let’s get into this article to learn more about TikTok comments and ideas brands can use to master it. Let’s begin!

How Are TikTok Comments Enabled Or Disabled?

Follow a step-by-step process to turn the on/off the comments section as below, 

  • Go to your TikTok profile page and click on the three flat-lined buttons on the right corner of the screen. Now click on the settings and choose privacy. 
  • Now choose comment, and you can choose from the option as everyone, followers, friends, and no one. If you are a public personality, allow ‘everyone’ to comment on your videos. To drive more engagement, turning on comments will help you more. 
  • You can even turn off comments to videos even here. You can even toggle comments on or off before posting a video. 

5 Tactics To Drive Engagement Through Comments

  1. Comment On Other Videos

If you want to increase exposure and interactions, you can comment on other people’s videos. In recent years, brands have been utilizing this opportunity to make their brand awareness among people. If you need to get a lot of eyes on your brand, then buy tiktok views for your videos. Any brand securing the top position in comments can earn more engagement. For example, McDonald’s has commented on another person’s video. That video has reached about 8.8 million views. A single comment has increased the engagement rate of the videos. 

  1. Generate Engagement With The Call To Action

Many brands create engagement in their comment section by including calls to action, and some use pinned comments. Some tactics involve tagging your friend, dropping an emoji, or answering a question. As pinned comments remain at the top of the comment section, they will be glanced at by millions of people. Go to the exact video, press, and hold on to the comment to pin it. 

  1. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborate with influencers for ads and sponsored videos. If an influencer comments on your video, it will become popular and have increased visibility. As influencers have already built trust among people, it is beneficial to partner with them. As per reports, videos with influencer marketing have better results. 

  1. Post-User-Generated Comments 

Take an already posted content from your TikTok account. Scroll down the comments to check the best and most user-generated comments. Then, take a screenshot of it, and you can repost it again. It is an efficient way to build trust and improve the company’s growth. Even creators can ask influencers to repost the best comment section of your products. It shows the organic value of your company. 

  1. Pay Attention To Your Comments

As a TikTok user, you should pay attention to your comments. Reply with honesty and truth to the audience. Keep on interacting with customers through comments. Not only with big brands, but collaborating with small creators will also yield beneficial output. Make your comment section more approachable, and people should feel free to contact or share their opinions with you through comments. Moreover, viewers should also need to give genuine comments on a particular video. The authenticity will tell whether it is a positive or negative product or service. If you want to get viral quickly, buy tiktok fans and gain more followers.


Although you receive positive feedback, criticism in the comment section is inevitable. Many creators will opt to disable comments to limit the criticism. On the one hand, disabling comments will be helpful, but on the other hand, you may not know what your followers are thinking about you. So have the correct analysis before you disable comments. Thus managing comments requires a proper understanding of the app’s culture and a focussed strategy. We hope this article helps you to master TikTok comments. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for thoughtful ideas.

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