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TikTok++ Apk 2022 For Android (TikTok Mod)

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Today we offer you the special version of TikTok, TikTok++ for Android. The latest version of TikTok++ is available to download with updated features and performance improvements. Download this version, as it is compatible with all smart devices and tablets. TikTok++ tweak app is the modified version of TikTok, free to download from different platforms.

Download TikTok++ APK

Before getting TikTok++ Apk download free on your android device, you need to know about its features, latest updates, videos and how to use it. Stick to the article till the end and read the downloading and installation steps without rooting your device.

About TikTok++ Apk

Nowadays, the usage of social platforms has increased so much that the news from one part of the world to the other part spreads in minutes. And TikTok is also are social network used by millions worldwide. Here on TikTok++, you can enjoy the short video clips which are quite interesting to watch. The content on this platform is genuine and spontaneous, and people from any age category can watch, well have fun with it.

One of the main features of TikTok++ Apk download is watching videos offline. Download your favorite video and watch it any later, even without an internet connection. Turn off the autoplay mode to get a more engaging experience with the video on your timeline.

What you will Get in TikTok Plus Plus

Join the TikTok Plus Plus as this application will make you star in days through its tweaked features.

Explore more exclusive content

Watch the content from all categories: Memes, romantic, funny, gaming, cinematic, adventurous, DIY, Pets, documentaries, etc. This application adds a huge list of content categories, making it TikTok++ for everyone.

Watch the never-ending list of Videos for Free.

Watch the endless amount of videos in TikTok++ App as the application is fully unlocked for you. Customize your video’s timeline and watch only the content you are interested in.

Make your video shooting more Comprehensive.

Now you are allowed to pause or resume the video anytime during your video shoot. This improves the user experience and allows users to shoot as many videos as they want.

Add funny sounds or slow music to your Videos.

A massive library of sound effects and background music is available in this amazing app, and you can add them to your videos to make your videos more appealing to the viewers. Music from different genres including Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, rock music, folk music, world music, dance music, classical music etc.

Different Video Effects

Filters and transition effects take any video to the next level. And TikTok++ Pro Apk is well aware of that, so it offers you tons of free filters and special effects to use in your clips to make them more alluring to the eyes.

TikTok++ Mod Apk Features

Below is the list of Mod features of TikTok++

More customized structure

  • Hide all the buttons or captions from videos to enjoy a full-screen view.
  • Now, comment on the video with more than 90 characters.
  • Download button available on ‘For You’ page.
  • Download any video minute.
  • Share sharing options

More Profile options

  • Show or hide the video creation date.
  • Download anyone’s picture with no restriction
  • View all kinds of comments, including private or under review.
  • Display your region for other users.
  • View user’s regions, age and total videos count.
  • Sort the videos of any user in ascending or descending order based on likes.
  • Followers and heart stats.


  • Create and upload your videos with more details now; you can upload content of up to 30 minutes in length.
  • No Ads experience.
  • Join the live streaming anytime and anywhere.

How to download and Install TikTok++ on Android Devices?

  1. Hit the download button link to download the TikTok++ for your device.
  2. Now, for installation, open your settings > security and enable the options’ Unknown sources.’
  3. After downloading, open your Files folder > Installation packages and tap on the TikTok++ Apk Download to start the installation process.
  4. Let the installation finish.
  5. After installing, tap the TikTok++ icon on the home to start using the app.


What can we do on TikTok++?

With TikTok++ Hack, you can download any video of the uploader or copy anyone’s bios. You can also share your video clips with anyone on TikTok by keeping your identity private.

How to install TikTok++ on my Samsung tablet?

If you cannot install TikTok on a Samsung tablet from the Play Store, download the application and directly install it on your tablet.


We have provided you the detailed information about the TikTok++ Apk. Download the latest version of TikTok++, as it’s free for all. Get yourself ready for this top-notch Tiktok version as it offers different types of content which you can watch for free. If you like any video, you are allowed to download it or directly share it with others. In short, it’s a full fledge platform where you can pass your spare time with full entertainment.

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