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Things you will only find in Indian wedding

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Holding tight with online matrimony registration? Waiting for someone to walk your way? Hindu weddings are vibrant, culture-rich festivals full of celebration and tradition. While the variations of a Hindu wedding ceremony are the spiritual, and educational union of two people, it’s also the coming together of two families through celebration and prayer. 

Hindu weddings strike an alliance between the couple’s expectations while blending their family traditions. With many rituals and ceremonies leading to the main ceremony today, it binds a couple and families for eternity.

Perform at the Sangeet 

Prior to the actual wedding, there is a gathering called Sangeet or Garba, depending on the cultural background. It is where the family comes together to dance, revel and sing in the joy of the upcoming Union. The Sangeet directly translates to singing together. Each side of the family sings a folk song to welcome the other, and family members get full-blown performances in celebration and competition. These days you can also find your dream partner, thanks to the marriage bureau in Sonipat

Applying henna on the feet and hands of the bride

The Mehndi ceremony is a big party attended by the bride’s female friends and family members. It kicks off the wedding itself. The event takes place one day before the wedding, as the process can take hours. The henna paste gets applied to intricate designs of decorative art on the hands and feet of the bride. While the designs reflect floral motifs, it is also coming to hide her parent’s name within the artwork as they try to find its letter. Many Hindu beliefs emphasize the meaning encompasses the color of the wedding Henna. It’s said that the darker the Henna the more mother-in-law will be fond of her daughter-in-law.

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Putting on a red dress 

You can’t expect a bride to be in white at a Hindu wedding. Traditionally, the bride wears a red saree or a modern lehenga wrapped on her wedding day. The patterns and richness of the color symbolize commitment and fertility, but many modern brides also preferred to put on a variety of rich, saturated use from floral print to bright yellows and bold blues with embroidery. To find your suitable companion you must consider the best marriage bureau in panipat.

The arrival of the groom

The arrival of the groom and his party to the ceremony site, called

he Vara Yatra or Baraat, depending on the region, gets celebrated with joy. As guests arrive, it gets divided into the bride and groom side. The bride’s side will get directed to a meeting place. It means upon arrival; the guest will get redirected to join the Mini parade. They get greeted by the other set of parents, friends, and family in live music and dancing. The groom gets greeted with a plate carrying a lit lamp and a garland

The father gives away her daughter.

The bride gets led to the ceremony by her brothers or uncle. The moment the father gives away her daughter known as Kanyadan.  It’s a Hindu tradition where no groom claims the bride until she gets offered. 


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