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Things to prepare before moving into a care home

When you decide to move into a care home it is a stressful and deciding time. It is not only stressful for the person who is moving there but also for their loved one. By the time you start considering a care home, you need more care than you are provided at home with round-the-clock alertness. If you’d like to know more about aged care services be sure to check out Medical & Aged Care Group.


Making yourself prepared for the move is the only way you will make the time more smooth in the beginning. The positive aspect of the care home is it will provide you proper care in support you need in the falling stage of life. This checklist will make you prepare for moving into a care home.

Know about the service and items included there

Going to any care home you should know about their services for medical and emotional needs to the items they are providing. It will help you to understand what you need to pack from your side better.

Allow yourself to know the staff in the member

It is a little awkward and overwhelming feeling when you move to a care home but you should allow yourself to know the staff and they should know you too because you all are going to live there for a long time and it’s better to know each other. It will help you to understand each other for better bonding, support and care.

Fill out the form in advance

There are a lot of forms and other legal formalities before you join the care home. You should fill out the form earlier in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle and fill out the form while sitting there.

Know about the pet policies and your dietary need

If you have any pet you should ensure that they have a policy for them and even if you are allergic to any animal let them know. In case of allergy, you should always go to a care home that does not allow pets. Every person has a diary requirement and you should always take care of that. Let the care home know about your dietary needs and if you have any allergies too.

Preparing emotionally and legally

Emotional preparation I individual also need legal preparation before moving to a new place. The proper preparation emotionally and legally will help them to move there without difficulty. Instead of dealing with emotional stress by yourself, you should talk to friends, family or other people. Involve yourself in the environment more and more. You should also give yourself time to settle there and make yourself feel comfortable by being involved in the activities without any pressure. If you still feel emotional you should always talk to staff and find support about your feelings to lay down the burden.


It is a difficult time to move into a new place but it is for your betterment so that you can live with care, support and independence.

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