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Things to know before visiting a pot shop

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Do you call yourself a fan of the green? Now, it’s easier than ever to get your herb fix! If you’re one of 15 lucky states with recreational cannabis legalized, pot shops are probably already popping up on every corner. It’s no secret that cannabis dispensaries have become go-to destinations for seasoned smokers everywhere — so why not take advantage and explore some next time?

The wide variety of choices available for different strains, accessories and new inventive ways to get high were a figment of most recreational users’ imaginations just a few years ago. 

Changes in the law have led to marijuana being seen in a new light. Public perception is shifting, and a new social acceptance of marijuana use is beginning to emerge. 

As a result many people are taking an interest in cannabis for the first time, and they surely have curiosities surrounding cannabis dispensaries. 

For first-timers, the thought of walking into a pot shop for the first time can be intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! 

The Dispensary Jitters

It’s a well-worn cliche – you walk into a boutique, hipster-run coffee shop or microbrewery. You glance at the menu, and nothing makes any sense. Everything is written in German or Italian and everyone else around is so much cooler than you, enjoying overcomplicated beverages. 

You don’t want to highlight your lack of knowledge, so you quickly point at something that looks good, and you end up walking out with something you don’t like. 

For many people, even the more experienced smokers, the idea of visiting a dispensary plays out precisely the same way in their mind. 

To save your blushes and prevent you from panic buying enough edibles to sedate a small country, we’ve put together a “pot shop 101” guide to tell you everything you need to know before visiting a marijuna dispensary.

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Visiting a dispensary, for example Seattle dispensaries, can be quite different and far more welcoming than a visit paid to a posh coffee shop or wine bar. This is mainly due to budtenders! 

Firstly, don’t be afraid to ask your budtender questions regarding the effects of certain strains and what effects can be expected with different products. A great budtender and dispensary crew will always be willing to help.

Budtenders will be your point of contact in the cannabis retail space. Usually, they are highly knowledgeable about their products and take pride in steering newcomers in the right direction. 

It’s okay to be nervous, but remember that all good budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Cannabis culture has been stomped on for many years now, and most people in the scene are over the moon with their newfound acceptance. The general vibe is to welcome newcomers into the community with open arms. 

An experienced budtender will act as a consultant. Rather than trying to make a quick sale, they will ask you questions about your desired experience with marijuana and what you want to achieve with your high. 

Through your answers, they should be able to guide you to the perfect choice, naturally.

Determine How You Would Like to Consume

Relaxed laws around cannabis have opened the door to a whole range of new ways to get THC and CBD into your bloodstream. Cannabis connoisseurs and entrepreneurs are always busy concocting new strains, extracts, and smoking accessories to enjoy. 

This wide array of products can be daunting when visiting your pot shop – but it shouldn’t be. It just means that there is a method to suit everyone’s tastes. To give you a heads up before your first visit, we’ll run through a few of the most common ways to partake:

  • Flower – This is cannabis in its purest form. This is the fluffy bud of the plant, cut, cured and dried. You’ll have to have your own gear ready for this choice –  papers, a pipe, or other cannabis gear. 
  • Vape pen/weed pen – These are e-cigarettes, but for cannabis. The extract  or “vape oil” is typically very high in THC content. The difference here is that the weed is vaporized rather than combusted with a lighter – producing fewer toxins. 
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Vaping also creates a smoother pull with less odour, and effects can be felt very fast. Vape pens are more discreet and more manageable than a pre-roll or dabbing rig.

  • Extract – Shatter/Wax – These are concentrated forms of cannabis produced by various extraction methods. Differing processes create different textures – hard shatter or soft wax and lots in between. To smoke these you need a specialized dab rig and various other pieces of gear, so bear this in mind before purchasing any extract. 
  •  Edibles/Beverages – Edibles are often the most gentle entry point for people new to cannabis. There’s no smoke, so it’s generally seen as a healthier way to get high. There are many ways to transfer THC and CBD from marijuana into food, and there is an extensive range of food and drink, all with their own levels of potency. 

It seems there are always new ways to get high being invented and coming out of the woodwork! However the basics above should give you a good idea of the lay of the land before you head to your local pot shop.  

A Few Recommendations

Just in case you’re looking to arm yourself with a few more specific details, we’ve picked a few in-house recommendations that are bound to please.

Sinners & Saints Blue Raspberry Hard Candy

We’ve chosen these edibles as a great starting point for anyone new to cannabis. These raspberry flavoured candies deliver a long-lasting, slow-release high. They pack 10mg of CBD and THC per sweet, making them ideal for those with a low tolerance rate. Great for sharing with friends, they will deliver a smooth high for the head and body. 

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Sinners & Saints Fruit Punch Canna Shots

From edibles to beverages, this time with a little bit more “oomph”. Sinners & Saints produce consistent, high quality and great tasting products. Their packaging is colourful and eye-catching, but most importantly, the amount of active ingredient is clearly labelled to avoid any dosing mixups. 

This mixed fruit flavoured cannabis drink is ideal for those who want a discreet high on the go. The 60ml bottles are easy to transport, and you can drink them without arousing too much suspicion. What’s more, Sinners & Saints have crammed 100mg of THC into each bottle. 

Expect a clean, mellow high that melts away all your stress – and definitely helps you to appreciate a good bag of chips!

Pineapple Goldfinger Pre-Rolled Joints 

“Flavors of sweet tropical fruit and pungent earthiness.” If these words aren’t enough to prick the ears of cannabis connoisseurs, then they’re probably baked enough already. 

These bad boys are super potent and recommended only for seasoned smokers with high tolerance levels.

If you’re not satisfied with flower-only joints, these pre-rolled j’s have been enhanced with cannabis extract as well. They have been painted in honey oil and finished off with a dusting of kief. 

These are amongst some of the most potent pre-rolls on the market and induce a purely cerebral effect. Expect introspection and deep thoughts – ideal for creativity and inspiration.

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