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Things to Know About Social Media Agency Before You Hire One

Social media is a growing marketing tool that has the potential to reach more people than any other marketing channel. In fact, according to Moz, social media is predicted to account for 50% of all online traffic by 2018.

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to be aware of how social media can help them grow their business, so you can decide if it’s worth hiring an agency or if you can handle your own social media marketing.Social media marketing is a great way to connect with new and potential customers. But it can also be expensive. You need a social media agency in Sydney that is experienced in the industry, works with your budget, and has a solid grasp of what you need.

Here are 5 things you should know before you hire a social media agency:

  1.   What Are Your Goals?

It’s not enough just to want to be on social media — you need to know why you’re there and how you’ll use it to achieve your goals. Social media agencies should be able to tell you this information up front so they can design campaigns based on it.You need someone who understands the different types of platforms and how they work together. There are many different types of social media platforms and each one requires its own unique approach in order for it to be successful for your brand or organization. A good social media agency will understand this fact and provide their clients with guidance as well as specific advice for using each platform effectively.

  1.   How Much Will It Cost?

Social media marketing can cost anywhere from nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month depending on the size of your business, how many people are using it and what kind of results you want (or don’t want). Before hiring an agency, find out how much it will cost for each of those steps so that you know exactly where your money will go and whether this investment makes sense for your business.

  1.   They’ll help with planning and execution.

If you’re not sure how to plan and execute your social media strategy, an agency will be able to help with that. They’ll create a plan that includes social media posts and campaigns that will be scheduled based on when they generate the most interest in your brand or product.You need a clear picture of what you want your online presence to look like. Are you looking for help with your business name? Your logo? Your website? All of these elements can play an important role in creating an effective online presence and can vary greatly depending on what type of business you run.

  1.   They’ll integrate multiple channels together.

Many companies use multiple platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but they don’t typically use them together at the same time on the same post. An agency can help by integrating all of these channels together so users see all of your content at once on one page rather than having to visit each one separately.

  1.   Agency size matters

The bigger an agency is, the more likely it is to have a larger team of people who specialize in different areas of marketing. Smaller agencies may not be able to have a dedicated account manager for each client, so they’ll usually need to share resources and accounts between multiple people instead of having dedicated specialists on staff.

The cost of hiring an agency varies greatly depending on their size, the number of clients they have, and whether or not they offer any kind of discount program for referrals or repeat business from existing clients (this can be especially important if you’re new to town).What does success look like? It’s important for companies to set realistic expectations for themselves when hiring a social media agency — otherwise, it’s easy for things to get out of hand quickly!

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