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The Top Monthly Subscription Boxes Available in 2022

There’s something so exhilarating about being outside in nature. Outdoor and adventure activities are more accessible than ever with the rise of outdoor subscription boxes. These monthly packages send you fresh new gear, apparel, accessories, and other valuable items to help you level up your outdoor lifestyle. This sub-boxes help prepare you for everything from camping to hiking, kayaking to climbing, and much more!‍ 

Once you’ve sifted through the massive variety of subscription boxes, it can be tricky to determine which one is right for you. Do you want products related to a particular hobby or interest? Are there any specific brands you love and trust? Or do you need something new and exciting in your life every month? 

 Many subscription boxes are out there, but which are worth your time and money? This list covers the top subscription box services available right now. Some of them are general interests, some are more niche, and some even target specific social groups such as millennials. 

 Whatever your interests may be, there’s bound to be a monthly subscription box that will tick all the right boxes for you. If you’re ready to become an outdoor enthusiast and see what this world has to offer, here are our top picks for the best outdoor subscription boxes to buy in 2022: 

1. BattlBox 

Survival gear is constantly changing, so you might not know exactly what you require until you need it. BattlBox is an online monthly subscription for outdoor enthusiasts. Each box contains products that help you get the most out of your active lifestyle. Different box types suit different interests, including fitness, travel, and outdoor adventure. 

camping gear camping gear including boots, tent poles, matches, stove, and rope laid out on top of a sleeping pad. Survival Stock Photo

With every month’s Battlbox, you’ll pick up various survival gear. Every box includes a wide range of survival gear, including survival manuals, fire starters, knives, flashlights, and more.  

The basic box might include a survival kit or other survival gear. Additional gear is included in the Pro or Pro Plus boxes, such as sleeping bags, premium knives, or camp stoves. You can also switch between various subscription boxes each month if you feel a different box would be better for you. 

2. Crate Club 

Crater Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers fresh apparel, accessories, and survival gear. Crate club’s mission is to provide customers with the best merchandise worldwide. Crate Club is the perfect outdoor subscription box for anyone looking to get more into outdoors, adventure, or camping. 

Each monthly Crate box is curated around a specific theme (military, survival, adventure), with high-quality gear and apparel. The box is excellent for beginners looking for easy-to-use and reliable gear. There are three types of crates to choose from including Lieutenant crate, Captain crate, and General crate. Crate club provides customers with a 10% discount off their first crate club subscription box you buy.  

3. The Nomadik 

Nomadik is a quarterly subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts. The quarterly box is $99.95. Nomadik is the perfect outdoor subscription box for those who love to travel. Each quarterly subscription is themed around a different adventure. The Nomadik box is curated to keep you prepared and ready for any adventure. The box is perfect for the seasoned traveler or adventure-ready beginner. 

Each month you’ll receive four to five items designed to help you live a more enriched life, encourage you to discover new passions, and keep you inspired to keep traveling. The Nomadik box is designed to help you live a more enriched life. These could be anything from books to handcrafted items inspired by nomads worldwide. 

Each month you can expect to receive items such as books, t-shirts, accessories, and more. The box is a mixture of both physical and digital items. The nomadik also offers customers a 10% discount on their first box. 

4. Isle Box 

Finding the best new gear for backpacking is a challenge for enthusiasts. Most backpackers want lightweight, packable equipment for their adventures. Isle Box developed a box that includes seasonal backpacking equipment by selecting expert personnel. 

Free Photo of Man Standing On Top Of Mountain Stock Photo

 Two outdoor enthusiasts founded Isle Box in 2014 and have assembled a team of experts to select purposeful equipment carefully. Hiking backpacks to water filtration are some of the items available.  

A starter box is available free of charge to those just starting off. The starter box comes with a sleeping pad, headlamp, and first aid kit. A national box in partnership with National Geographic has been created to provide individuals with the gear they need to visit national parks. It even comes with a national park guide so you can learn everything you need to know about any park you visit. 

5. Hiker Crate 

Hiker Crate is the perfect outdoor subscription box for those who love hiking and backpacking. Each monthly Hiker Crate is themed around a different outdoor adventure. The box is curated with hiking gear and essentials, such as trail mix and a water filter. 

Free photos of Backpacker

Hiker Crate sends you a box every month with five to eight hiking-related products to keep you safe and prepared for your hiking adventures. These include delicious hiking meals/snacks, hiking accessories, and equipment.  

You may pay month-to-month or subscribe for multiple months or a year to receive a discount when you sign up. The Hiker Crate provides everything you need to enjoy yourself on the trails all year long if you like hiking.


Many subscription boxes are out there, but only a few are worth your time and money. Boxes can be a fun and easy way to discover new products and interests, and they can also make great gifts. Not all subscription boxes are created equal, so make sure you do some research to find the perfect one for you. 



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