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The Technology Behind Car Window Tinting

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And What it Can do for Your Ride

So, you want to know more about car window tint. Maybe you’re considering installing this accessory into your vehicle to give it a sleek, luxurious look. Or, you might just be curious about how it works. Whatever the reason, we’ll reveal all that window tinting installation can add to your ride and the science behind why it works.

Window tint installation is the process of adding window film onto the glass of your car. This includes your front and rear windshield, as well as your windows. From matte black to practically transparent, there are a variety of window tint shades.

Although you could install window tint yourself, it isn’t recommended. It’s an incredibly precise job, and professional installation can ensure the film is applied correctly and that you get the best results possible. Not to mention, it’ll save you more money (and frustration!) in the long run.

Why Window Tint?

Why do drivers install window tint, anyway? To put it simply, window tint is installed for many different reasons. It’s not only extremely economical and impactful, but it can also completely transform the look and feel of your ride.

Because it works to block and reflect powerful UV rays, some drivers install window tint to keep the interior of their car nice and cool in hot temperatures. This provides an overall more comfortable ride and can be especially useful if you have leather seats.

Other drivers decide to install window tint to protect their skin. Believe it or not, UV rays can surpass glass, meaning these harmful rays can still reach and damage your skin when you’re behind the wheel. Too much exposure can cause premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer, so it’s important to protect yourself even when you’re in your car.

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Window tint also keeps your upholstery and interior finishes looking like new. Because of its reflective capabilities, direct sunlight and heat won’t reach and damage these surfaces, which can be costly to repair or replace.

Of course, some drivers install window tint solely for the visual appeal. Window tint takes your vehicle to the next level, instantly making it look cooler – like it’s straight out of an action movie.

How Does Window Tint Work?

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for: the technology behind window tint. There’s a variety of window films out there that all follow the same basic guidelines. They all work to reflect, absorb, radiate, and transmit.

The main purpose of window tint is to reflect visible and ultraviolet rays by using what is known as a ‘sputter coating,’ or a coating of metal particles. This coating impacts how much light is rejected by the tint. The more that’s applied, the more light is rejected.

To keep heat out of the vehicle, window tint absorbs a certain amount of sunlight. Because it’s being absorbed instead of transmitted into the vehicle, the tint also helps reduce visible light and glaring from the sun.

Different window films block different levels of visible light, and visible light transmission can vary depending on how much light is allowed. Visible light transmission, or VLT, is a measurement of visible light waves that are transmitted through a material. It’s measured as a percentage and can tell you how much visible light is reaching the inside of your car.

Without window tint, most auto glass reflects and absorbs about five percent of visible light and transmits another 90 percent into the car. Once window film is applied, these percentages drastically change depending on the film. Some films reflect more light, while others are more absorbent.

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If you aren’t sure what window film to use on your beloved vehicle, you need to opt for professional installation. When you get your window tint professionally installed, your auto mechanic will know just what window film to apply to address your personal needs and concerns.

Window Tint Installation Near You

Now that you’re more familiar with window tint installation and how it works, you’ll feel more confident when it comes time to upgrade your ride! Finding window tint installation near you has never been easier. Just search “car window tint near me” in your browser to get started!

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