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The Role of Modafinil in Treatment of Sleep Disorders

The clinical trials of the drug Modafinil show that it could improve wakefulness in patients with sleep disorders, particularly those with difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. The drug promotes alertness and wakefulness when taken as prescribe. However, it must be use under the supervision of a healthcare professional. The drug should not be take in larger dosages, more frequently, or for a longer period of time unless approve by a doctor.

The Role of Modafinil in Treatment of Sleep Disorders was study in patients suffering from narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. The study was conduct on a total of 1,425 patients with a diagnosis of OSA, SWD, or a combination of those disorders. The researchers included participants with a history of insomnia, a physical examination, and laboratory tests in the evaluation. Some patients had multiple sleep disorders, resulting in a complex individualized treatment plan.

Effectiveness Of Modafinil

The effectiveness of Modalert or Modvigil in treating sleep disorders was evaluated in a 12-week study. The drugs were administer to patients who suffer from shift-work sleep disorder. The research involved only a subset of shift-workers with a common condition: narcolepsy. In addition, the study’s results were not generalizable to the entire shift-work population.

The results of the study cannot be generalize to other shift-workers. The participants were only a small group and the duration of the studies was only twelve weeks. In addition, the study results are not valid in treating the general population of shift-workers, and there is no information about the long-term effectiveness of Modalert 200 or Modvigil 200 in the shift-work population. These studies should be follow up with a longer trial, as a long-term use of the drug is unknown.

Control Over Sleep

The study did not include patients with other sleep disorders or uncontrolled medical conditions. Although it was effective in some patients, it was not recommend for patients with other sleep disorders. In addition, narcolepsy patients were exclude. The study’s results did not show any significant adverse effects. Nonetheless, Modafinil has been approve in the United States for use in people with various sleep disorders.

There are six randomize studies that support the use of Modafinil in the treatment of sleep disorders or day time speediness. The results of the studies showed that it was effective for patients with idiopathic hypersomnia, and the safety of the medication. The findings of these trials have a positive impact on the treatment of Sleep Disorders. But it should be noted that the treatment for these conditions is not yet clinically approve.

Treating Sleep Disorders

The role of Modafinil in treating sleep disorders is currently being examine. The drug is an excellent choice for treating shift work sleep disorder. Its safety profile is high and it can even improve symptoms of narcolepsy and OSA. Moreover, the drug is very effective in combating excessive sleepiness. In these cases, it is important to take the medication regularly to achieve the best result.

The study was conducted on a subset of shift workers who suffer from narcolepsy and OSA. It also showed that modafinil could reduce the frequency and duration of lapses of attention in patients with these disorders. The drug was also found to improve the safety of people with sleep problems. There are no known side effects of Modafinil. The safety of the drug is not know.

Improving Night-Time Sleep

The results of the study were report in the Journal of Sleep Research. Results show that the treatment was effective in improving night-time sleep latency, a measure of the time between onset of sleep and the time until the patient falls asleep. The results of the study cannot be generalize to a broader population of shift workers. A longer duration would be necessary to assess the effects of Modafinil in a longer-term perspective.

The safety of Modafinil in pediatric patients is still unknown. In children under the age of 17, it has been associate with serious skin rashes and Stevens – Johnson syndrome. The dosage of modafinil is generally take once a day, with or without food. In shift workers, the treatment usually begins 1 hour before the shift, and the medication is then take at that time.

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