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Game Design Resume

The Guide To Creating The Best Game Design Resume In 2022

Video games are more than just complex software programming. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a videogame that is functional and easy to understand. If done solo, it might even take months to finish, especially when you aim to create a game with a wide range of graphics and functions. It takes countless lines of code to achieve your alternate reality past time.

A videogame designer takes more than just the ability to code as it also requires the skills to design characters, graphics, plots, upgrades, storyboards, and more animation content. 

As a videogame designer, it will be your task to adjust to more complex and be the effective forefront of all these aspects and build your game from scratch.  

However, if you are an aspiring game designer, you must know how to effectively create a fantastic game design resume. As well as knowing the skills and knowledge it requires to be one. Having an attractive and convincing resume could help increase the probability of getting the position.

In the job market, there are a lot of resumes that are required, and each of them has its own distinguished function and relevance. Each part also has specific key points it wants to highlight. That is why it is important to know what the parts of a resume are and what they contribute. Thus, if you are struggling to achieve the “perfect” resume, this article will guide you through the way. 

Some Guidelines for Writing Your Own Resume                           

  • Resume Sections/Formats

 To write a perfectly organized and well-written resume, the contents it holds should be customized to their significance. Relevant information should be easy to find and organized in neat sections. 

These are just some of the distinct sections in the resume and what it is for.

  • Header – These are the titles of each section of your resume, and they should also signify your personal information and contact information. 
  • Personal Information – This is where your personal details should go. WIthout your contact and personal details, an employer will have no way of reaching you. Make sure that this portion of your resume contains: an updated mobile number, e-mail address, and current location.
  • Summary Objectives  – This portion tells a story about your past employer and how you were able to stand out among others. The resume summary of your game design resume should include a list of your major achievements as well as a concise summary of your most important capabilities. This is the most important part of your resume as it tells a summary of you as a person and as a future potential employee.
  • Key Skills – In being a videogame designer, there are a number of skills that need to be acquired before applying such as education, technology skills, creativity, communication skills, and more basic skills that are required not only in video game designers but to every job you choose to apply for. 
  • Education – Employers often, perhaps mostly prefer applicants who have an educational background in the field of video game designing. Thus, if you are one of those applicants who took courses and lessons in video games or graphic designing, do not forget to add that to your resume because it will be a big help in getting the role. 
  • Game Designer Cover Letter

A cover letter is as important as a resume, it is the first thing a hiring manager will read. If you are an experienced designer, it is important that you don’t include explaining every skill that is already listed in your resume, instead list the achievements and recognitions you got from your past employer. If you are a fresh graduate, having a cover letter is mostly recommended because this is where you can highlight and list down all your capabilities.  

  • Online Game Designer Resume Builder

The internet offers a big help in times of struggle. Especially to job seekers who cannot find the right words that will make their resumes look as “perfect” as possible. There are over a hundred resume builders online, in just a browse and click away, you can acquire new tips and tricks that will surely help you stand out among other applicants in job searching. 

  • Emphasize Professional Experiences

If you are an experienced expert in this field, it is essential to list down all the recognitions and emphasize how you achieved them, as this will open a lot of opportunities if you apply for bigger companies. They will see you as someone very capable of the work and who has the ability to work in groups. 


Behind a well-established game is a team of talented and skilled videogame designers. Being a videogame designer requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Knowing how to operate the software is not enough for this job, you need to be able to work in groups and have effective communication in order to create a video game that is suitable and appropriate for your players. A highly-skilled video game designer creates a game that is enjoyable to all.

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