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The Famous Story of a Blue Whale Getting Bitten In Half

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Last year (2021), the world was taken by surprise when a Blue Whale washed ashore in South Africa. This particular incident has got a lot of people talking and wondering what could have happened to the Blue Whale. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the story to see what really happened.

The Blue Whale Story

The story of the Blue whale bitten in half has raised a lot of speculations in a bid to make sense of the incident. Some people believe that the whale was attacked by another whale while others believe it was caused by a shark.

To be able to make sense of it, we have to first understand how it happened. In early July, a picture of a Blue Whale bitten in half appeared on social media with the shocking allegation that something bigger or unknown must have bitten the whale in half. The story quickly spread like wildfire, appearing in headlines around the world.

Is it true? Did some unknown entity bite the whale in half? Or is this another fake story that’ll come and go? After performing some investigation around the whale story, we discovered that it wasn’t caused by an unknown entity nor was it caused by other whales. If it wasn’t caused by either of them, what bit the whale in half? Continue reading to find out!

The Real Story

The truth about the story of the Blue whale that was bitten in half, that took the internet by storm last year, is that the incident didn’t happen last year or the year before; rather, it happened far back in 2009. The photo was taken by William Watkins, a marine biologist who was studying the blue whales in the Santa Barbara Channel off the coast of California at that time.

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The whales were feeding when one of the whales was attacked by a pod of orcas (killer whales); During the battle between the Blue Whale and the Killer Whales, the Blue Whale was bitten in half and killed. This is the real story behind the picture of the whale bitten in half circulating the internet. The photo taken by the biologist is a sober reminder of the power of nature and the dangers these gentle giants face.

The Connection Between Both Stories

The discovery of the Blue Whale that appeared bitten in half in 2021, was made by a group of fishermen who were out on their boat one early morning. According to the report from the fishermen, when they got closer to the whale, they could spot bite marks on its body that appeared to be from another whale. The fishermen notified the police when a large crowd of people gathered around the whale, taking pictures and speculating on what could have happened to the whale.

No one was able to ascertain what really happened to the whale until an expert came to the scene and examine the whale closely. From the expert’s examination, it turns out the whale was bitten in half by a white shark. What makes this result feasible is that a father and son were attacked by a white shark who left marks on their kayak when they were out on the sea. Lucky for them, they came out of the situation unscathed. Although being attacked by White Shark seems to answer why the whale appeared bitten in half, it still hasn’t been concluded as the reason. Other speculations indicate that the whale probably must have died from an illness or old age.

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What’s the connection? It’s not the first time that photos have surfaced online about a whale bitten in half. The truth of the matter is that it’s usually caused by another aquatic animal as in the case of the Blue Whale found by the biologist. This means you can rest easy knowing that it wasn’t caused by megalodon as some people online tend to believe or some unknown entity. And in the best-case scenario, it probably died a natural death.

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