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The Best Website Design Software For Macs?

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By featuring tools and templates to realize your web ideas and sketches quickly, together with the many smart design features, the web and app builders will allow you to work on your creative designs more efficiently and conveniently.

Hence, if you’re looking for the best website design software for Macs, then the following list will provide you with the best options that are currently available.

Discover the list of the best web design software for mac users


The famous design tool, Sketch, is known to have the best features for sketching and designing your wireframes and mockups. Here, users can work with vector-based designs, which allow them to enjoy pixel-level precision and flexible vector interactions.

Also, the infinite canvas will provide unlimited space for your design and fine controls so you can comfortably interact with the design interface. For those interested, you can create many reusable and smart components, which allow you to design with little hassle.

To keep a consistent design, Sketch users can enable the Styles option, which will provide guidelines and design languages to keep your web UI and UX completely uninformed.

All your Sketch designs can be kept inside the Design System, where users can manage their designs and allow each other to join shared projects in real-time.

With the online library, you can sync your designs and assets on all platforms and share them with others while featuring your certain preferences. This makes it much easier for you to enjoy better teamwork.

All these features make Sketch a great tool for creating high-fidelity web designs. However, you’ll need to use other platforms when moving to the next steps.


With the convenient tools of Figma, you can have an intuitive and interactive design UI, which will make it extremely easy for you to work on certain web projects.

Here, users can use the Auto Layout option to quickly set up their designs and enable their responsive compositions for each mockup. Have no trouble customizing the web layouts and compositions using the edit features with drag and drop simplicity.

By supporting many plugins, the website design software for Macs will allow Android users to easily automate and augment their work using additional tools and features by supporting many plugins. Feel free to browse the list and get many convenient and effective tools for the job.

At the same time, the smart design tools will let you create interactions by spelling out their details and descriptions. Upon hearing this, Figma can help you realize certain web designs you’ve envisioned.

For those of you who are interested, you can now choose to create powerful prototypes that allow you to feel like the real thing. Thus, it makes it easier and more efficient for the team to test their UI and UX designs.

And when it comes to teamwork, Figma will provide a great system where everyone can join and contribute to the projects.

But to successfully operate and optimize the design platform, one will need certain design expertise if they wish to enjoy the app.


For those who are having trouble working with web pages, posts, and mobile app designs, InVision is a great tool for them.

Here, the design tool offers its many drawing and sketching features, which are simplified to ensure your quick and easy wireframing experiences. Have no trouble using the given tools to sketch and design your wireframes on the go.

And at the same time, many beautiful templates are available at your disposal. Enjoy easy and powerful interactions with each template, which you can easily enable on certain web designs.

You can also use the website design software for Macs to generate your quick prototypes and test them out with the built-in prototyping tools before moving to the next step.

And when it comes to team collaboration, Invision offers easy interaction and cooperation between your team members and the clients.

One thing to keep in mind is that Visily is quite a hardware-demanding tool and will only work on your latest Mac devices. At the same time, the tool is not ideal for the heaviest and most complex projects due to its lack of optimization.

FotoJet Designer

To create your web designs quickly and efficiently, FotoJet Designer is a great option. Here, Android users can work with their fast and powerful design tools, which would help you realize your web design in no time.

Simply access the online library of more than 900 stylish templates and update them, which will allow you to enable different web designs on certain projects quickly. You can then work with certain design assets to enable backgrounds, clipart, text, and other visual elements on your web mockups.

The customizable and convenient design templates allow you to freely adjust your web designs and develop the best layouts for your pages.

Upon finishing your designs, you can share your projects with others via online platforms. Or save your projects in JPG or PNG images and show them to others who don’t have the app ready on their devices.

And to make the design software more accessible, users can find FotoJet Design available on both Mac and Windows devices. Have no trouble using the many templates and design features to generate your high-fidelity web mockups quickly.

However, users will quickly find the app is limited in its design process and can’t support further purposes. Also, it’s not well recommended for team projects due to the lack of an online team workspace.


And last but not least, we have Visily. The newly introduced website design software for Macs comes with all the great features you can dream of while offering its free plan.

Install Visily to have the best AI-powered design experiences

Here, users are immediately impressed by the many AI-powered features which will allow them to turn their screenshots, sketches, and even web URLs into high-fidelity designs with little trouble.

You can always have the design assistant available to provide suggestions and recommendations if you have any issues with approaching or completing your web designs.

And if you want to take the traditional design approach, Visily will provide you with many page templates and themes, allowing you to implement your designs quickly.

Feel free to explore the different compositions and layouts, together with the smart components that have drag and drop simplicity, which will allow you to complete your web designs easily. And the compositions will automatically scale and fit on your multiple screen sizes.

Customize your components with the inbuilt templates and try out different icon sets for every design so that you can enable beautiful web mockups with little hassles.

And, for team collaborations, the website design software for Macs provides its own dedicated Team Workspace where people can share their creative works and collaborate on joint projects.

Here, the app lets authorized users edit and monitor design projects in real-time. You can generate the CSS code to share the designs with the dev team. Or use the Image Export feature to show your designs to non-Visily users.

And of course, the multi-device support will allow Visily users to enjoy their design tools on all devices. Not to mention that its free plan will make the app a lot more accessible for all users.

The only downside with Visily is that it’s not yet supported for prototyping. But that will also change, with the new features being shown in upcoming updates.


All the tools mentioned are great for designers and non-designers alike to enjoy their creative web building experiences. Feel free to use the design features and online tools to speed up your design process and team collaboration.

But with most of the tools requiring a paid plan to provide you with the best design experience, Visily should be the wisest choice if you want a good balance between the premium tools and a free price.

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