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The best way to get into the hosting industry

If you want to get into the hosting industry, there are two ways you can achieve that. The first one is to start from scratch, and the other one is to get reseller hosting. If this is the first time you are hearing about reseller hosting, we advise you to first read this article to find out what it is.

Do it yourself alternative

You need to invest in high-end dedicated servers which you can package into services for customers if you want to launch your own website hosting business from scratch. To store your server, you will need to buy a warehouse or other type of storage; your servers will need electricity for this structure to function. You must appoint a crew to actively check your servers for problems in order to guarantee that they operate effectively and provide your customers with dependable service. Without a guarantee of revenue, setting this up can cost over $10,000. You will lose if you do it wrong.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting eliminates the risk of debt and provides a significantly less expensive starting point for your personal web hosting business. Simply choose a trustworthy hosting company and lease a server space which is essentially your reseller plan. 

Your server will be kept in storage and maintained by your hosting company. The servers of good hosting companies will be monitored by a team of professionals, providing great stability for both you and your customers.

How to start a reseller hosting business?

Now that you have realized that reseller hosting is the best option to enter the hosting market, it is time to take a look at how it can be achieved.

The first and most important step:

Choosing an appropriate hosting provider

Before choosing the best hosting company, do your research on the options. Consider the following question: Is this host trustworthy? Once you are sure it is, you can take a look at what they offer.

For you and your customers, a good hosting provider offers seamless, uninterrupted service. A control panel called Web Host Manager is used to make reseller hosting simple. It is strongly advised to look for a host that offers WHM. 

Another important criterion is the ability to make a profit.  Make sure you can turn a profit before choosing a hosting provider. How many sales must I make to reach a break-even point? You can estimate how much money you can make using this supplier by responding to this question. If the cost is very high, you will need a lot of customers, so you might want to check out another reseller provider.

What is the next step?

As we said, selecting a good provider is essential. Your business’s success depends on the provider you choose. Let’s have a look at what it takes to be a hosting reseller and how it can be done.

Create and Design Your Website

You need a website to have an online presence in order to offer your web hosting packages. It is crucial to have a professional website with all the necessary details about the services you offer. By having a professional website, you can make sure that potential customers have a positive first impression of your company. Well-designed and user-friendly websites are more than likely to convert visitors. 

Choosing a domain name

Your website’s domain name is somewhat essential for the success of your company. Choosing a domain name can be difficult and intimidating, but nevertheless, it needs to be done. Make sure you choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. You also need to choose a domain name that reveals information about your company is about, which means it should probably include “hosting.”

Make hosting bundles

You can construct hosting packages in Web Host Manager to offer to your customers. It is advised to provide inexpensive to moderately priced hosting options when designing hosting packages. The likelihood of a conversion is increased by providing a variety of specifications so that customers can choose the optimal hosting plan for their needs.

Expand the business

You will experience an increase in customers as your firm expands. You won’t be able to host anybody else when your first domain is full of customers until you rent more servers. You can quickly extend your business by acquiring new servers using Web Host Manager. You can then host additional clients as a result of this. Repeat the process until your server is filled to keep making money.


Reseller hosting is the best way to get into the hosting industry without high upfront costs. It is a great business opportunity for people who have some knowledge or skills related to websites. 

Nevertheless, it can be a great business venture for individuals who are willing to learn and maybe make a few mistakes along the way.

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