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Best Video Conferencing Software Platforms of the Year

The Best Video Conferencing Software Platforms of the Year

Today’s remote and mobile employees are more likely to enjoy flexible schedules and the need for more personal communication can only be met through video conferencing.

Fortunately, there are several types of video conferencing software available on the market. It will depend on a number of factors, such as the number of employees you have, your budget, and any special features you may need.

In order to help you decide which one will work best for your company, we have broken down the top video conferencing software programs for this year. You’ll also learn about the video conferencing equipment you’ll need.

Zoom: One of the Best Tool For Video Conferencing

Due to the many options included in each plan, Zoom is a heavy hitter in the world of video conferencing. Its flawless video, crystal clear audio, and instant sharing capabilities make it our favorite platform for video conferencing. 

Zoom converts many people from other conference call software due to the frustrations they experience using other platforms.

Zoom is an ideal web conferencing software for users who want to communicate with their customers and clients remotely. In addition to Chrome and Linux OS support, it also comes with secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for enhanced security.


  • Share your screen from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Using whiteboarding
  • Voice and video in HD
  • No limit to the number of meetings per month
  • Encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Messages (private and group)
  • Chrome extensions for scheduling
  • Option to record meetings
  • Telephone participation in a meeting
  • Meetings that occur immediately or are scheduled
  • You can get online support
  • Rooms for breakouts
  • You can break your meetings into as many as 50 separate sessions using the breakout capabilities!


According to the plan you select, the number of meeting participants will vary. The free version does not allow you to add more participants. All other plans allow you to do so.

Webinars and Events on Zoom

Do you hold webinars or live demonstrations at your company? The Zoom Webinars and Events feature allows you to engage an unlimited audience in live, virtual events. Zoom Rooms offer both wired and wireless content sharing, as well as remote control and monitoring of meetings from a centralized interface. 

To enhance office communication and make meeting booking easier, you can also use digital signage and scheduling displays!


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is designed to make collaboration and efficiency seamless. With its design and infrastructure, it is highly interactive and integrates with Office products like Word and SharePoint. In addition, Microsoft Teams can now be integrated with Skype for Business.

In response to the growing number of collaboration tools, such as Slack, which have dominated the market in recent years, this program was designed. Teams is an all-purpose chat tool for the office, but its video conferencing feature is equally compelling and powerful. It allows users to start video conferences from within their chats.


Features of Microsoft Teams


  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available online
  • Storage and sharing of files
  • Hosting up to 300 users at a time
  • Web and phone support 24 hours a day

Microsoft Teams now lets users invite guests who are not part of their enterprise’s Azure Active Directory. As well, Microsoft Teams’ mobile app supports voicemail on iOS and Android.


In spite of its decline in popularity in the video conferencing space, GoToMeeting remains a highly polished remote meeting software with many useful features for most business environments.

Users will appreciate the features of this user-friendly software, such as its polling and “raise a hand” functionality. Moreover, GoToMeeting offers unlimited video meetings as well as end-to-end encryption.

  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Video in high definition
  • Meetings without limits
  • Share your screen from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Messages
  • You don’t need a phone to listen to audio over the web
  • Cybersecurity Features

You can see how easy and convenient the features are with a 14-day trial.


The number of participants you can have in a meeting with GoToMeeting depends on the plan you buy. The free version allows for a maximum of three participants, as opposed to up to 100 on other platforms.

Google Meet

Previously known as Google Hangouts, Google Meet is part of Google’s G Suite productivity suite. 

You can integrate Google Meet with all of Google’s products, including Gmail and Google Calendar. When you set up a meeting, Google Calendar creates a link and a phone number automatically.

A video feed is automatically detect and displayed for each speaker, but a gallery view is also available. To remain competitive in the market, Google has improved the sound and video quality and noise reduction within its platform.

Google Meetings can be hosted by anyone with a free Google Account for up to 60 minutes. Paying for premium features allows businesses, schools, and other organizations to stream live to up to 100,000 viewers within a domain.

Plans include the following:

  • One-click meetings that are easy to join (no download needed)
  • Screen Sharing capabilities for specific documents, windows, or the whole screen
  • Any devices, like desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device can join conference
  • The waiting rooms
  • Collaborative whiteboarding using virtual whiteboards


The hundered 100 participants and users can be hosted by anyone with a free account. With a paid account, 250 participants and users can be hosted per meeting.


Well it depends on your requirements, what features you want in your favourite video conferencing software or services. Each service and software has its own pros and cons. We recommend using Zoom as it is compatible for all devices like Laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

So, let us know what is your favourite app for video calling or conference.

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