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The Basic Features That a 3D Printer Enclosure Should Have

The point of using an enclosure for the 3D printer is to isolate the printer itself from you, protect it from dust and keep the temperature inside constant. It is common knowledge that a suitable temperature condition is essential for 3D printers to get high–quality printouts. And a way to achieve that is by enclosure 3D printing. Apart from temperature control, there are some things you should get yourself acquainted with concerning enclosures for 3D printers.

Subsequently, there are several types of 3D enclosures available in the market. But four options are widely used. The advantage of having one which is easily accessible is that you can easily find a solution if you run into some problems. The enclosures include:

  •       Enclosed 3D printer – This is where a 3D printer comes when enclosed. It is made so by the manufacturers. This will minimize the effort of looking for an enclosure that best fits your printer since you get an already fitted and suitable enclosure.
  •       DIY 3D printer enclosure – This is where you make your enclosure 3D print at home. To make the DIY enclosure, you will need a wooden box with duct tapes. Some might use studio tents of synthetic materials; another option is transparent containers. They are very cheap and easy to make, but it will be so hard to control the temperature hence extensive heat, which might cause some damage to the printer itself or your printout. IKEA Lack Enclosures also falls under DIY enclosures.
  •       Zip–up enclosure – This enclosure is lined with aluminum to prevent fire. It is another alternative to protect your printer from dust, kids, pest, and heat. They are cheap and can be folded easily once you are done. The limitation is that you cannot watch the print while printing, the durability isn’t good, and it comes without ventilation.
  •       Bought enclosure – This kind of enclosure falls under professional enclosures, which are made conveniently for the customer. The shape, design, and sizes come in varieties. You can select one based on your printer’s size. For example, Snapmaker 2.0 enclosure 3D printer comes in different sizes, just like the 3D printers. We offer an A250T 3D printer; at the same time, we designed an A350T 3D printer enclosure. The enclosure 3D printer has the following feature;
  •       The enclosure panels are designed to reduce the laser impact from the Snapmaker 2.0 laser engraving module.
  •       It has an exhaust fan that casts off the smoke and dust.
  •       It has tri-fold magnetic doors, which are easily assembled, taking minimal space and providing sufficient childproofing.
  •       Need to supplement the CNC function in the laser machine when the door is opened and the work stops
  •       It has built-in LED strips, providing adequate printing area lighting. Apart from enjoying the view of your work, it helps you monitor the process so that if any problem arises, you can quickly identify and then stop the process.
  •       Aesthetic – Are you one of the people who value aesthetics? If so, Snapmaker 2.0 enclosure for the 3D printer is specifically made for you. It is made in a perfect design and shape that makes it professional and pleasing to the eye. Hence, you can display it anywhere, be it living room or anywhere anyone can see it.
  •       Custom software support – It has been designed in a way that you can control le LED strip lights and exhaust fans by using a touchscreen or Snapmaker Luban.

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