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The app your college roommate secretly uses on the iPad|UPDF For Free

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1. What are the new features in UPDF 1.0.7 On iPhone/iPad?

UPDF (Unique, Productive, Delightful, Free PDF Editor) is a versatile application powered by Superace as a free PDF reader for this digital world. It provides its features not just free of cost but even with advanced features such as a PDF modifier the users love about.

UPDF has grown from 1.0.1 version to 1.0.7 version as the latest version fixing all the bugs and adding new features to keep up the users growing so wild. It’s one of the best PDF editors so far moving to its peak in the competitive market.

It is not just available on iPhone/iPad but also on Mac, and Android as well. However, in this blog, we will focus on the facts in the iPhone and iPad

versions. Meanwhile, in 1.0.7 two main new features are added to UPDF in iPhone and iPad versions by its wonderful developers presented as follows,

  1. Ability to apply new UPDF brand
  2. Registration and login to UPDF for a limited time to use all paid

UPDF paves the path for the users to use the new brand style offered by UPDF to use its brand new features. This pulls down more loyal users towards it by attracting new enthralling features.

The next feature invokes using all the paid features all at once for a limited time. This turns handy if a user prefers to check outs UPDF for a testing period to decide upon to use for the long term, just like an initial investment. But for sure, the users will love UPDF and use it for the long term without a doubt!

Meanwhile, do you know to download UPDF on your iPad or iPhone? No! Don’t worry we got you in the next section.

  1. How to download UPDF 1.0.7 version in iPad/iPhone

The downloading procedure is easy-peasy with a quick run-down step. First, let’s check out the requirements of the device should possess to download and how to download UPDF on an iPad.

Superace Software Technology has designed the application in a way that only the iPhone users with the iOS 14.0 or later can download it onto their pocket.

How to download UPDF 1.0.7 version on iPhone

Following are the steps to download UPDF 1.0.7 version on iPhone,

  1. First, visit the Apple Store of UPDF page from your
  2. Then, tap on the download option displayed on the
  3. After the download takes place, the application will automatically be installed onto your
  4. Then after, a shortcut on your home screen or slide screen will appear to directly use it from your

Secondly, let’s check out the requirements of the device should possess to download UPDF on iPad and how to download UPDF on iPad in a step-by- step guideline.

Supelace Software Technology has fixed the compatibility of the iPad application in a way that only the iPad users with the iPadOS 14.0 or later can download it to their device.

How to download UPDF 1.0.7 version on an iPad

Following are the steps to download UPDF 1.0.7 version on iPad,

  1. Initially, visit the Apple Store of UPDF page from your iPad.

2.. Then, tap on the download option displayed in the Apple store.

3.. After the download takes place, the application will be automatically installed onto your iPhone.

  1. However, a shortcut on your home screen or slide screen is created to directly use it from iPhone.

Meanwhile, for both iPhone and iPad, a 16.9MB file is the capacity of the download file.

That’s it! You now know how to download UPDF, so get going. So are you wondering about the key features in UPDF? Check out the next section for key features of UPDF in iPhone as well as iPad.

3.  What are the Key features in UPDF 1.0.7 on iPhone /iPad? 

There are numerous key features provided through UPDF iPhone and iPad versions.

The following represents the key features available in UPDF iPhone/iPad:

  • Scan PDF
  • Ability to act as a PDF viewer for plenty of formats
  • Annotate PDF documents and
  • Capability to Sign on PDF and images
  • Create a PDF from scratch
  • Compress PDF
  • File Management from tip to toe
  • Import files
  • Manage security of PDF
  • In-app purchase features

Let’s discuss each one of them one after the other.

UPDF assists to scan the PDF by supporting over 10+ languages worldwide. It can be done just away with a few clicks. Scanning the PDF facilitates the creation of a brand new PDF file. Throughout the procedure of scanning, it facilitates the user to crop, rotate, re-order and delete the images and set the document as per the user requirement.

UPDF 1.0.7 version supports most of the numerous formats to view files such as Office documents (including .doc, .docx, .pptx, .xls, ppt, .xlsx) , PDFs, text, HTML, XML, Images (including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, BMP), audios, videos, pages, numbers as well as keynotes.

It also supports annotating the images and PDFs as per the requirement via various eye-friendly colors UPDf offers for its users. It does not just act as a PDF highlighter, it helps to draw shapes, lines, arrows, text boxes, props, underline and take notes on PDF too.

If you want to sign a PDF digitally, UPDF provides that capability. You can sign on PDFs and images and send them across just like one does manually.

Suppose, the user prefers to create a PDF, don’t worry we got you! UPDF supports creating blank pages on PDF of lined, dotted, graph, and grid papers. After selecting the pages, it supports combining all the images into a single PDF all at once effortlessly.

File compression is accomplished in UPDF. Single or multiple files can choose from the corner of the file and combines into one a zip file, Zip file preserves the quality of the file from distorting while sharing and sending across as per the requirement.

Numerous File management options are endorsed by UPDF to support its users. For example, it assists to create, uploading new files, renaming,

moving files from one location to another, copying, duplicating as well as re- order the PDFs.

As well discussed, file compression is a type of file management. Not just compression, but also unzip files is sponsored. For example, if you delete a PDF mistakenly, UPDF supports figuring out the file from the trash. PDF files can be protected via passwords and bio-metric locks too. Isn’t it amazing?

If you have files to be imported from Photo albums, Files, this too is supported by UPDF. After all, it’s a simple task.

Moving about the security space of UPDF, facilitates the transfer of files and folders to secured locations. Bio-metric locks namely Face Identification and

Touch Identification are highly encouraged. This also supports pass-codes to save user confidentiality and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Alongside, the key features, UPDF consists of pro features to enhance the user experience. There are three main pro-features supported on iPhone and iPad:

  • Scanning PDF
  • Security Space
  • Secure Application

UPDF allows only five free scan pages to its users. To scan more pages, it encourages purchasing a subscription.

Even the Security space has some limitations. Only ten files are allowed for free storage and unlimited security space, users need to get enrolled in a subscription.

To enjoy the feature of a secure application to save user data from unauthorized access, UPDF does not offer any trials- users need to directly obtain it through the subscription.

4.  How much does the subscription cost?

UPDF offers subscriptions on four timely bases. The following states the four timely based subscriptions for In-App purchases of UPDF,

  • A quarterly subscription is offered for just $4.99.
  • An annual subscription is offered for just $9.99.
  • Perpetual Subscription is offered for $14.99.
  • A monthly subscription is offered for just $2.99.

Have you tried using the UPDF application? What tips or tricks do you have to share? Let us know in the comments below!

That concluded our look at UPDF 1.0.7 version on iPads and iPhones.

5.Conclusion: You Can Download UPDF 1.0.7 on Your iPhone/iPad Right Now 

UPDF is undoubtedly an amazing application for PDF users on iPhones and iPads. It provides various amazing features and we discussed the key features in UPDF as well. In conclusion, we learned in-depth about the three new features introduced by UPDF 1.0.7 version. We also went through the quick run-down steps to download UPDF on iPhone and iPad, it was simply easy!

Isn’t it?

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