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The 7 Best Business Email Marketing Campaign for Small Businesses

Digital marketers put in a lot of effort to reach out to their customers using different channels. However, there are several contemporary marketing channels, but one can’t just overlook the effectiveness and credibility of email marketing. There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, especially for small businesses. The reason is it is very easy to manage and provides full control, and lets you establish direct contact with customers.

Choosing the right email marketing service is very important because a lot of your success entirely depends on email marketing software. Therefore, we create a list of the 7 best email marketing campaigns that work perfectly with small businesses. You can buy email marketing software using the coupons for email marketing and various deals to save some money on your purchase. 

Active Campaign:

This email marketing platform is one of the best options for small businesses and startups. Active Campaign is an inexpensive email marketing platform that is easy to use and has many particular SME functions. Moreover, this email marketing software has a CRM system, which will automatically help you manage leads to organize your sales and marketing.

The automation process is a point in favor of Active Campaign that presents groundbreaking, informative reports that inform its users about what is working in their email marketing efforts and what is not. It will allow Active Campaign to completely customize your email marketing service needs that depend on who you are looking for.


It is one of the most powerful email marketing platforms and has high WooCommerce integration. This great email marketing service contains smart marketing automation tools and intelligent email segmentation. Moreover, it also gives support through live chat and webinars, complete online courses, and excellent documentation. Drip may not be the cheapest option, depending on your email marketing outreach needs, but it is worth the money to increase your marketing efforts. 

Smash Balloon:

This email marketing service offers 4 different WordPress plugins to add various social feeds to your website, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Using this email marketing service, you can automatically add posts from your account or even posts with a special hashtag, where required. You can also customize your social feeds in several ways using this great email marketing service.

Convert Kit:

This email marketing service provides you with the fluidity and flexibility that you want in email campaign creation and execution. You get great performance and increased productivity through Convert Kit. Moreover, this email marketing provides you with an automation service to save a lot of your time.

In addition to creating a customer funnel, this email marketing tool is easy to use, most powerful, and functional. The cost of Convert kit email marketing software is more affordable than other software. The automation feature of Convert kit email marketing software is great to see the complete layout of your funnel. You can buy this email marketing software via discount codes for small businesses and get great deals.


It is also one of the most recognized and celebrated email marketing software. Mailchimp is the top-rated email service that is perfect for those freelancers who manage small-to-medium businesses and brands and budget-conscious startups. The interface of Mailchimp is very straightforward, and the service offers a huge variety of integrations with other platforms, which include Facebook and WordPress. This email marketing software does need users to double-confirm their registration on the website and through email. However, this cannot be very pleasant to many users, resulting in inevitably reducing email lists and can turn down many potential subscribers.


This email marketing software allows its users to use chatbots and integrate their chats with other elements of their marketing workflow. Moreover, this software also allows you to send automatic in-app messages that go far beyond just text. Intercom has many optional add-ons, including product tours, advanced lead generation, and sophisticated customer engagement. The use of coupons is the best way to buy this software.


According to the official website of the AWeber, the main mission of this marketing software is to deliver powerfully simple email marketing, especially for small businesses that do 90% of the work for you. Beginners can benefit from detailed and intuitive reports of AWeber. On the other hand, the more experienced power users can take advantage of split tests. The unique features of this marketing software include a prebuilt template library, AI power design assistant, a drag-and-drop email and landing page designer, campaign marketplace, and most importantly, the automated campaign.


The reason is, instead of traditional email marketing services, where you have to know coding and HTML, this email marketing software gives a seamless, drag-and-drop-capable experience to develop professional emails that convert. This marketing software is suitable for people who base their businesses in the web marketing industry and search for a reliable tool while having a limited budget.

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