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The 5 Best Anime for Beginners

Do you also have friends that rave about anime all the time? Well, it’s a given at this point. In fact, it’s so common now that in a group of 3-4 friends, you will always find that one friend that absolutely loves anime, and it is the only thing they will never get tired of talking about. Additionally, they will keep bugging the group to try to get them to watch at least one anime. At some point, your curiosity finally started to develop, and you decided to try out an anime to see how it goes. Isn’t it?

Well, as a beginner, the world of anime can be a bit overwhelming, seeing as there are so many options to choose from. I mean, where do you start? Which one do you pick first? Why do they have so many episodes? Lots of questions, and practically no answers! It feels confusing, but don’t worry – we’ve got you.

This article was written solely to assist you in making that decision. As a first-timer, the anime that we have listed below are the perfect places to start. So, let’s hop on the list!

Ouran High School Host Club

Starting lightly, this anime follows the story of Haruhi, a lower-class girl who gets admitted to an elite high school for the rich. She is able to get in, thanks to her excellent grades and on her first day, she is mistaken for a boy, due to her boyish figure and appearance. She stumbles into a clubroom for the school’s all-boys Host club and through a series of funny events, they learn that she is a girl, however, it is too late by then.

They have already admitted her into their club and decided to just go with the flow. Strangely enough, Haruhi doesn’t seem troubled by this predicament and so, continues her high school life as a boy.

The anime belongs to a romantic comedy genre and is very light-hearted, full of humorous moments. All of the characters have their own charm and at the same time, awkwardness, which makes the show much more fun. As a starter, this anime is the perfect one to ease into the anime world. Oh, and you can also find an English dubbed version of this anime! How cool is that?

Special A

Along the same theme as the first one on the list, we have Special A, which also involves a group of high school students, except this time there is no host club and no girl disguised as a boy. The story follows the girl, Hikari, who is a student with the second-highest score in her high school. Kei, her rival and classmate, is the student with the highest score and it seems that Hikari is no match for him. In every subject, no matter if it is mathematical, biological, or even physical exercise, he keeps beating Hikari. Aside from these two, there are 5 more students that all fall in the top 7 ranking for the high school and so, they have some special privileges like having a whole greenhouse to themselves for hanging out, etc. Instead of having classes like 1-A, and 2-B, their class is Special A.

This anime is also a good starter anime for diving into the anime world. It is also only 24 episodes long, so it’s neither too long nor too short. So, it’s a fun anime that focuses on friendship and also a little bit of love. The other characters are also full of life and we get to see some of their stories as well.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

The daily lives of high school boys perfectly captures the curious and strange mind of a teenage boy and their awkward puberty phase as well in a very hilarious and light manner. Not only that, but we also see them trying to maneuver their life in high school up to the point they graduate. The anime’s focus is more on friendship than on love and honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As the three protagonists, Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori, try to make it through high school along with their other friends and classmates, we get to enjoy their struggles and over-dramatization of little problems.

This anime is quite short and is also easily available on YouTube. It is only 12 episodes long, and these episodes are divided into little skits or clips. Each episode has about 2-3 skits and is quite easy-going and fun to watch.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Okay, moving on from the light-hearted high school animes, the next one on our list is Bungou Stray Dogs. The anime follows the story of a boy named Atsushi Nakajima, an orphan, who can turn into a tiger, however, he is not aware of this. He eventually learns about this ability, thanks to a man named Dazai, who is a member of the Armed Detective Agency (ADA).

After some convincing and almost, blackmail, Atsushi joins the ADA and works with them to protect the city of Yokohama from the Port mafia and other external foreign enemies. What’s more interesting about this anime is that the writer has cleverly used the names of real authors and their popular books. For example, there is a character with the name, “Fyodor Dostoyevsky” and his ability is called, “Crime and Punishment”. Almost all the main characters of the show share an author’s name and their ability is named after that particular author’s book.

So far, the anime is three seasons long, and there is confirmation of a fourth season in production. It might seem long, but once you watch the first season, you will not want to stop until you’ve watched everything! The genre of this anime is supernatural fiction, action, and mystery. So, this one’s for all you mystery lovers out there!

Vanitas No Carte

Vanitas no carte is the story of a vampire, who meets a human named Vanitas, who also happens to be a vampire doctor, who “cures” vampires by means of his magical book, “The book of Vanitas”. If we dig a little more into the history of these two characters, we learn that The book of Vanitas is actually a cursed grimoire that was made by the blue moon vampire out of spite for being ousted.

Considering that vampires are born under a red moon, Vanitas was an outcast of being born under the blue moon. And so, the book is actually his revenge, which he wants to use to corrupt vampires, however, when Vanitas, the human, gets the book passed down to him from the blue vampire himself, he vows to take revenge on the blue vampire, by using the book to cure the vampires. Of course, we’re not going to say anything more than this as you’ll have to find out for yourself why the two meet and what is each of their goals.

This anime is pretty recently released and so far, there are only two seasons for the anime. The animation style for this anime is very bright and colorful, making it very aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, given the complicated yet interesting story, the character’s personalities are also very funny and almost child-like. This anime is a must-watch for beginners and although there is no news for another season yet, we can always hope!

How Can You Watch These?

How else besides the internet! Of course, you will need to see whether your internet connection is a good and reliable one or not, so that you are not interrupted by buffering or any other issues. After all, the best way to watch anime is by binge-watching it! Xfinity offers great and reliable internet and multiple speeds as well, depending on your requirements. Moreover, you can also opt to get the Xfinity Wifi router which will help you use up your internet data perfectly!


That ends our article on the best starter anime for beginners! So, which one are you choosing and why? We would love to know!

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