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Technologies Helping Investors Invest In the Stock Market

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Before technology became a way of life and an integral part of our day-to-day existence, investing in the stock market was a complicated endeavor undertaken by professional brokers and investors. Looking for the best recession proof stocks has now been made easy and accessible thanks in part to technological advancements that have made information and training available for both professionals and amateurs. 먹튀검증

If you are searching for information on where to invest your money or what stocks are recession-proof, there is probably already an app or online platform that can provide that information. While human touch and approach are still a much-needed part of investment management, the increased value in technology use cannot be ignored.


Here are five technologies that are disrupting how investors invest in the stock market.




Real-time monitoring is when a system transmits information to a user at a near-instantaneous speed. This enables online brokerages to provide real-time information feed that showcases stock quote changes almost immediately. This allows clients to base their decision on the updated and latest information. 

While the information transmitted is instant, there is an allowed time lag, though not significantly. Providing real-time quotes takes work and technology, making this service expensive. To have access, you would most likely require a premium subscription.




Real-time information enables both professional and novice investors to reverse a loss into a profit by using the information given. It helps in reducing investment risks by providing real-time information that allows for relevant and timely action.




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Blockchain is a disruptive and innovative technology due to its ability to prevent risk and fraud by allowing transparency that is customizable for different other uses. Often referred to as DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology, it makes historical data of any asset unchangeable and transparent through decentralization and cryptographic hashing.




The Blockchain security feature makes robbery almost impossible, as each cryptocurrency has an irrefutable and identifiable unique number attached to its owner. Crypto diminishes the need for singularized legal tender and banking regulations as it can be used anywhere by anyone in the world.




Robo-advisors are online programs that use computer algorithms and software to provide financial advice and planning services with no human interference. The platform offers easy-to-join account services, portfolio management, enhanced security features, and all-inclusive training at an affordable fee. Although the technology requires little human interaction, most platforms have humans available to answer questions.


  • They cost significantly lower than an in-person financial advisor
  • They require low or no minimum requirement to start trading
  • The fees and commissions are waivered in Robo-advisor accounts

With technology permeating every sphere of our lives, it’s no wonder it’s making waves in the financial world. Websites and online apps have exponentially increased accessibility to the stock market. Thanks to share market apps, many people are transitioning from traditional trading systems to mobile apps on the go convenience.


  • It’s easy to use, even for people with zero trading skills
  • Live portfolio performance review and market updates
  • Notifications alert on any activity in your portfolio and broker recommendations
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This is the use of computer software imitating cognitive functions such as learning and portraying human-like decision making based on provided data input. The AI software can make rapid calculations and make optimal decisions based on massive data, which is highly relevant to the stock market needs.


  • It can recognize patterns by analyzing past data and seeing recurrent ones in stock price dynamics identifying the right investment strategy
  • Its ability to trade speedily saves time and money
  • It’s a good tool for novices as the AI already has inbuilt expertise that they lack

Before deciding on which technology to invest in, do some research so you can make an informed decision? While some of these applications can make investing easy, fun, and profitable, they are machines and can fail. According to an article in Financier Worldwide, in the new era of AI, investment technology will get more spontaneous and efficient. 

Whether through Blockchain or Big Data, investors are becoming empowered enough to control their assets and make informed decisions. It points out that while any investment involves some element of risk, using the right technology can turn it into a calculated one.

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