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Teachers should be replaced by computers.

Teachers should be replaced by computers.

We are living in a technological world means we are surrounded by technology. Now our life is completely dependent on technology. We use technology from opening our eyes in the morning till the end of the day. Even we sleep in the cozy and cold air of different technological inventions. And without any doubt, technology has made our lives easier and comforter. Even technology has brought those comfort to human life about which no one could think. Among those technologies, the best invention is computers. The computer has brought so many powerful and drastic changes in everyone’s life.

The dependency of people on computers has increased a lot, and a debate has begun that in this era of computers and technology, there is no need for teachers. And people have started debating on should teachers get replaced by the computer or is there any need for teachers after computers. Because now, when computers can give people all the information and knowledge, do we still need teachers? Computers give us information about the whole world. What is happening in the world? What are the new inventions, discoveries, and trends? The best it has done for students is that different academic websites are available on the internet that is always ready to help students anytime. And students select the best dissertation writing service uk for their work and academic tasks.

Should teachers be replaced by computers?

There are two perspectives and schools of thought about replacing teachers with computers like any other debate. The one who believes that technology or computers cannot reduce the importance of teachers, on the other hand, the other school of thought believes the computer is more beneficial and easy, and after the invention of computers, there is no need for teachers. Computers can replace teachers. Below through the comparative analysis, we will see whether a computer should replace either teacher or not.

Quick and easy:

Teachers have completed a complete and long training and education before teaching students, and in that training, they learn how to deal with different students with different techniques. As we all know, every person is different from another, and everyone has different abilities and mental capabilities. If one student can understand through one method of teaching, it does not mean that all the other students will understand from the same method or pattern of teaching.

So teachers are professionally trained to make learning easier for every student in the class. Teachers usually teach the same topic in different ways to make sure that all the students with different mental capabilities understand it and learn it. But this whole process takes time. If we look at the computers, we will find out that the topic taught in class in three days you can learn about it in a day through the computer. But still, the factor of mental capabilities and intelligence is still here.

Instant answers:

If you have an issue, any confusion, or want to learn about anything, all you need is to turn on the computer, open google, and write your question or problem in the search bar, and you will get numerous results in just a few nanoseconds. Whereas if you look at the traditional method of teaching, you have to wait for a complete day to ask a question from your because you can only ask it when you will meet your instructor the next day in your school, and if it is a weekend, then the wait becomes longer. Where on the one hand, you are getting results in a few seconds through computers.

On the other hand, it takes hours or days. But the limitation and problem here are that when you search for anything on computers, you get a lot of results. Even a normal human being could not go through all the results at once. And finding the result you exactly want is another struggle.

Even sometimes, after going through a large number of results and websites, you do not find your desired result or answer, whereas the teacher knows everything that their student may ask. The answer that you still do not find after spending hours in front of your computer screen will get in a minute from your teacher because the teacher knows what their student is looking for very well.

Guidance of mentor:

Every human being needs a mentor who can guide them. You also need a teacher who will teach you how computers can become profitable and productive for you even to use a computer. Even we can understand the importance of mentors or instructors through this example. Suppose there is a completely illiterate person who does not know how to read or write.

Will he be able to operate or use a computer? Could he go through the tutorial or benefit from the oceans of knowledge and information available on the internet or gadgets like computers? The answer to all these questions is very obvious: “no.” to operate a computer to learn how to use a computer. You need an instructor or a teacher who can guide you on what to do and how to do it. Once you learn all these things, you can avail numerous benefits and advantages of computers.

Access to information:

A human brain could learn or save information to a certain capacity. No one knows everything about everything. Humans can learn about things to a certain point or limit. Even if a person is a teacher, it does not mean that he or she would have information and knowledge about everything. But if we talk about computers, there is information about everything, either common or rare. When you use computers, you get access to unlimited information. Even the biggest library has a certain limit for books, but computers do not. Through computers, you can learn about anything you want.

After comparing both teachers and computers, we came to know that human beings, especially students, could not live without both of them. Both computers and teachers have a different place in human life. They could not leave teachers for computers or computers for the teacher. So the best thing that could happen is to learn from both sources altogether. Even teachers should make computers part of students’ lives and guide them on how to use computers effectively for studies as computers will help remove the limitations of teachers and vice versa.

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