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Study in Australia

Study in Australia-Explore student visa options

Studying abroad at Australian universities is a popular option for international students. Australia is quickly becoming a top choice for undergraduate and graduate students. When considering higher education, Australia is undoubtedly a destination you should consider because 7 of its universities are among the top 100 in the world.

Australia motivates independent thought, creativity, and innovation throughout its universities. International students who come to study in Australia and live there quickly discover that their education is demanding, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Students will have a competitive edge on the global jobs market today if they complete their study in Australia.

Subclasses of Student Visa in Australia

The Australian education system offers international students a diverse range of opportunities. Tens of thousands of students enter the country each year to study in Australia and benefit from the high standard of education.

There are presently 4 major subclasses in the Australian student visa system:

  1. Student Visa Subclass 500

The Student visa 500 is a study visa that lets you stay and study in Australia for up to 5 years at an educational institution, as long as you signed up when you applied.

You can usually work 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during study breaks on this visa during your course.

Eligibility Criteria for a Student Visa Australia

You must fulfil the basic academic and other requirements below to qualify for the student Visa 500.

  • A minimum age of 6 is required
  • CRICOS requires students to provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) as a full-time student in a full-time course
  • Your English language skills should be demonstrated.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is necessary if you and your family intend to stay in Australia for more than six months.
  • Under 18s, you must have sufficient finances while in Australia.
  • Have good health and good character.

Be prepared for your stay with enough money

  1. Student Guardian Visa subclass 590

An Australian guardian 590 Visa is a particular visa granted to individuals in the care of a student under 18 years or an adult student with special needs.

It enables individuals to come and study in Australia and take care of a child with a Student visa, Subclass 500.

Eligibility Requirements for the 590 Visa Australia

To be qualified to apply for the Student Guardian visa 590, you must be a student’s family member

  1. Applicants must have an appropriate substantive visa to apply from within Australia.
  2. Typically, only one person can apply for this visa.
  3. The candidate must be the student’s parent, someone with custody of the student, or the student’s family member who is at least 21 and has been selected by the student’s legal guardian in writing.
  4. For the guardian to be qualified for a 590 Visa, the student must be under 18.
  5. Candidates must be able to support the student and provide for their housing, general well-being, and needs.
  6. The Department of Homes Affairs will require applicants to provide proof that they have the funds necessary to cover their stay in Australia, including travel fees, meeting costs, and costs for oneself, any accompanying family members, and the holder of a student visa 500.
  7. Training Visa Subclass 407

With this visa, you can study in Australia and participate in a professional development training program in Australia or workplace-based professional training activities to enhance your abilities for your employment, the field of tertiary study, or area of expertise.

Eligibility Criteria for the 407 Training Visa

To get an Australian 407 Training Visa, you must have the following:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a temporary activities sponsor who has been approved.
  • Sponsors can put you forward to take part in job training programs.
  • If the Australian organisation is not a Commonwealth agency, it must be nominated for an approved job.
  • In the case of a Commonwealth sponsor, you must be invited.
  • Get job training directly from the sponsor, unless there is an exception.
  • Make sure you have enough health insurance while in Australia.
  • Be honest about your intention to remain in Australia for a short period.
  • Have English language skills required for work.
  • Have sufficient financial support
  • Not have had a visa cancelled, or an application turned down.
  1. Post Graduate Work Visa Subclass 485

With the 485 Visa, also called a Temporary Graduate Visa, you can stay in Australia after you finish your studies and start a life there.

Depending on the education you completed in Australia, you can apply for a graduate visa 485 in one of two streams:

  1. Graduate Work stream
  2. Post-Study Work stream.

You will have a different length of stay depending on your visa type. A few changes were made to the post-study work visa by the Australian government not too long ago.

If Covid-19 affected you and you were enrolled in any courses with an Australian institute of higher education, you could have relaxation now with 485 Visa new rules.

Eligibility Criteria for 485 Visa Australia

To be eligible for 485 visas, you must meet several requirements.

  1. You must be a student in Australia for at least the last 9 months
  2. You’ve passed a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate that is on the (CRICOS) Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.
  3. Your qualifications must either:
  • Related to a job on the list of skilled occupations (Work Stream)
  • Degree from an Australian institute (post-study Work Stream).
  1. You must be under 50 years of age.
  2. It is mandatory to pass the English Competency Test.
  3. You must file your Form 485 within six months of the date you finished your course.  

Why study in Australia?

Let’s find out why study in Australia is the perfect choice for international students.

  1. Globally-recognized Education

Australia is probably home to the world’s leading academic institutions and has the best education system. Over 1,000 educational institutions in Australia offer 22,000 courses, and eight of the world’s top 100 universities are there.

Since the Australian educational system is among the most highly regarded in the world, international students who graduate from Australian schools are especially sought after.

  1. Cost of living

Even though Australia’s style of life is among the world’s greatest, it comes with substantially lower costs than other top nations for international students to study in Australia. International students can also work part-time while taking classes to balance living expenses.

  1. Multicultural lifestyle

Australia is a multicultural melting pot. Australia is diverse and multicultural, which makes study in Australia a truly unique experience. Due to the abundance of different cultures, there is a chance to experience something completely different and venture outside of your comfort zone.

  1. Extensive support for students

Support for students is a priority for Australian universities and the Australian government. In terms of academic opportunities, the government provides several scholarships, whereas most universities offer support for various degrees and subjects.

  1. Work opportunities

In general, Australian institutions give students the chance to gain work experience related to their degree or vocational program. Students who get experience in Australia have a great edge while looking for work in their industry. Students who study in Australia with valid visas may also work up to 20 hours per week in Australia.


Numerous international students choose Australia as their study destination because of the country’s top colleges, spectacular natural surroundings, vibrant towns, and multiple oceans. Although study in Australia can be a little terrifying, the benefits of academic and personal growth can be enormous.

Do you also dream of studying in Australia and want to get a Student Visa Australia? Do you wish to avail yourself of the many benefits it offers?

Contact us at The Migration. We can help you achieve your Australian study dreams and get the best student option.

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