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Straw Cowboy Hats: Different Types & Reasons to Buy

Straw accessories are popular and have gained traction over the last few years. American straw hats have been there since time immemorial, but they have started dominating the fashion scene lately. According to Forbes, straw hats are making a comeback with a bang. The straw cowboy hats have a complete makeover with wider, oversized brims, while straw bags are available today in ‘unique silhouettes’. The best thing about straw hats and bags is that they pair seamlessly with flowy dresses and casual summer outfits. Straw cowboy hats have a charm of their own. Both men and women look chic and fashionable when they team up their beachwear or casual summer outfits with a straw hat. Exclusive straw cowboy hats give a whole new dimension to beach parties and weddings.

Top Reasons to Sports Straw Cowboy Hats

Straw Cowboy Hats Are Versatile

Straw cowboy hats are incredibly versatile and a perfect summer accessory. One of the chief concerns about hats, in general, seems to be that they are far too formal or unforgivably informal. We know that the felt fedoras, bowlers, or top hats are formal, while beanies or baseball caps are too informal. The best thing about straw cowboy hats is that they occupy the middle ground. The straw cowboy hats are neither too formal nor too casual. It implies that a straw cowboy hat will look great with your expensive linen suit at a beach party. Moreover, it is versatile enough to look amazing when paired with a Cuban-collared shirt and swim shorts.

Comfortable & Lightweight

Just because it is warm and humid in summers, you cannot give up dressing up. It is critical to dress up for the season. Linen trousers and lightweight shirts look complete with a straw hat. Straw hats are lightweight and comfortable and a must-have accessory to protect you from the harsh sun. Straw hats are breathable and excellent. They help protect your face, head, and neck from the blazing sun. American straw cowboy hats are ideal for summer. Wear these straw hats for traveling around, thanks to their minimal weight.

Timeless Charm 

Wide-brimmed straw cowboy hats have been in vogue for decades, and they will continue to be phenomenally popular for many years to come. Moreover, with their incredible versatility across informal and formal attire, straw cowboy hats may be worn by the old and the young generation with equal aplomb. Hat connoisseurs believe that you would look great if you shift to a big brim with advancing age.

Different Straws Used for Making Hats

Cowboy hats come in different sizes and textures. However, the weaving style and the material used are something that goes a long way in influencing your decision into purchasing a specific type of hat. Here are different types of straws used for hat-making. Each has unique features and distinct flavors.

Toquilla Straw Hats

The long-lived and flexible fiber is called the Toquilla. It is used for making hats in Ecuador. Toquilla straw hats are mostly called Panama hats. These popular hats are woven in several ways. The plaited Toquilla palm leaves are used for making these stunning hats. The finesse and tightness of the weave determine the quality of the straw hat. You can understand the quality and ascertain the price by the time taken to weave the complete hat. Toquilla straw hats are incredibly popular as seaside and tropical accessories, thanks to their breathability, ease of wear, and unmatched comfort.

Toyo Straw Hats

The popular Toyo straw hats are made from vibrant rice paper yarns. These straw hats usually come with a fine plastic glaze finishing. These straws feel very smooth to touch. The finished hats may come in golden copper or viscose white. They are light to wear and smooth, soft to touch. These are great budget hats.

However, it can combat a sporadic rainstorm.


Straw cowboy hats are incredibly popular and very much in fashion. They are held in high esteem by fashion insiders, celebrities, and even digital media stars. These are undoubted, Instagram-worthy hats perfect for adding a dramatic twist to your attire. These hats are available in a broad spectrum of colors and straws. Straw cowboy hats are wide-brimmed to offer perfect sun protection. 🙂

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