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Stop Mulling Over Budget! Check Out These Bikes Under 4 Lakhs

Owning a powerful bike is every youngster’s dream! To cruise through the narrow valleys, take over the road leaving everyone behind, isn’t that what every rider dreams of? Though many are still unable to fulfil their dream of owning a bike because of various financial constraints. But fret not! The manufacturers are now ensuring to build a bike to appease every segment of society, making your dream of owning your bike come true. Sounds exciting, right? Let us find out about the bikes under 4 lakhs dominating the Indian market.

Factors to Look Out for While Buying a Bike

Before we discuss the best bikes under 4 lakhs budget, let us tell you about the numerous factors that you should think about while deciding which bike is most suitable for your needs-

  1. What is the purpose of buying a bike? Are you going to use it for your daily commutes or to keep and take it for long rides and vacations?
  2. How adept are you at handling the bike? Can you handle big bikes and navigate through the traffic easily?
  3. What bike body type do you want? There are cruisers, sports bikes, tourers, naked bikes, daily commute bikes, and such with different body types.
  4. Remember to look out for fuel-efficiency
  5. What is your budget, and which brand do you prefer and trust?

Best Bikes Under 4 Lakhs

Here are some of the top bikes under 4 lakhs for you to consider-

  1. Bajaj Dominar 400

The 373.3cc engine bike, Bajaj Dominar 400, is available in aurora green and charcoal black colors. The street bike has a fuel capacity of thirteen liters and is equipped with a BS6 engine that complies with all the mandates set by the government to reduce pollution. The ex-showroom price of the Bajaj Dominar 400 is INR 223,538. The bike also comes with an anti-locking system and is more equipped and advanced than the previous bikes from the same line. In the bikes, under 4 lakh segments, the Bajaj Dominar tops the chart easily.

2. Bajaj Dominar 250

Bajaj Dominar 250 is one of the best bikes under 4 lakhs category and is available in three different colors- racing red, sparkling black, and citrus rush. The street bike has a rear disc, front brakes, and an anti-locking system. The muscular bike body is well-equipped with LED lights, twin-barrel exhaust, telescopic forks and mirror stalks that provide enough coverage for you to drive safely. The ex-showroom price of the Bajaj Dominar 250 stands at INR 175,002. So, you can rely on this bike if you are considering a long tour soon.

3. Bajaj Pulsar RS200

Undoubtedly one of the finest bikes under 4 Lakhs, the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is the dream bike of every bike enthusiast. Three color options are available: Burnt red, pewter grey, and white. The 200cc BS6 engine powers the bike to take on every terrain or challenge it comes across. The bike is suitable for mild touring and is designed to keep the rider in a slightly upright position, keeping them safe. The bike is equipped with a four-valved, fuel-injected, and liquid-cooled motor along with a six-speed gearbox, and the maximum this bike can easily reach is approximately 140.8 kmph.

4. Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise

The cruiser bike is available in striking white and auburn black colors. The classic cruiser bike has a premium finish and attracts everyone when it takes over the road. The laid-back riding position is perfect for riders who want extreme comfort while riding a bike. The Avenger also includes an anti-locking braking system and has a fuel capacity of thirteen liters. The BS6 bike model has enhanced shock absorption, which makes it perfect for cruising around difficult terrains.

5. Bajaj Pulsar 150

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of the best bikes under 4 lakhs. Available in three different variants and three different colors- sparkle black red, sparkle black blue, and sparkle black silver. One of the highest selling bikes in the Indian market, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the perfect combination of muscular and sturdy.

Ending Note

Bajaj is one of the best motorcycle brands in India that bike riders rely upon. Bajaj believes every biker should have access to their dream bike, which is why they have started manufacturing bikes under 4 lakhs to make them accessible. The bikes are of premium quality and are a household name in India. The fuel-efficient bikes are most suitable for Indian roads and daily commutes. If you are planning to get a bike under 4 lakhs, Bajaj should be your go to option without a second thought. Visit your nearest showroom and get your hands on your dream bike.

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