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SSM Smart Square Login Guide – 2023

You must go to the SSM Smart Square login portal on the internet as an employee. specifically to have access to a scheduling tool made for the hospital and healthcare sector. This SSM Smart Square login tool is a strong scheduling solution software provided by Avanta. Over 50 businesses, especially those with 5000+ employees, use it extensively. The remaining 12% are in other nations, with 88% occurring in the United States. Healthcare professionals may easily schedule appointments using the SSM Smart Square login interface, and SSM Healthcare uses Smart Square to streamline and optimise its labour management.

How to get in to the SSM Smart Square login page

How to process of logging in the SSM Smart Square login portal

Select the link to the SSM Health website.

The login page for SSM Smart Square is accessible via this link.

Click “MyChart” in the top right corner of the page.

When prompted, log in by entering your password and clicking the “login” icon. If you need to “Sign up,” you can also do it by following the clear directions on the page.

If you misplace your password,

You are taken to the website’s password help page when you click the “Forgot your password?” link. This is not the SSM Smart Square login page, so take notice of that. In fact, the SSM Smart Square login page has an option to “Forgot your Password” right there.

Click “Send” after entering your login ID in the provided box. You will receive an email with your password at the entered email address.

Re-login by going back to the login page.

If you haven’t already stored your email address within SSM Smart Square, get help from a Smart Square specialist.

How to access SSM Smart Square on Mobile phones:

Your mobile device’s home screen has a link to Smart Square. Check out how:

Users of iPhones:

Navigate to the “Menu” link at the bottom of the screen.

Choose “Share”

“Add to home screen” can be found by scrolling to the right. Or a plus sign (+).

On the following screen, click “Add.”

Users of Android:

Add Smart Square to the browser on our phone.

Click the “Create bookmark” button, the star to the right of the URL bar, or, if you’re using Chrome, the three horizontal lines that appear.

Select “Add to” from the drop-down menu by clicking on it.

The “Home screen” button will appear. Now, it’ll be included in your home screen.

Please remember to ask your system administrator for SSM’s Smart Square URL if you are unsure of it because every business has a different web address.

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Let’s talk about Avanta and Smart Square

Avanta is a top supplier of labour management solutions for the hotel and healthcare sectors, helping them operate more efficiently. Healthcare scheduling, healthcare operational guidance, healthcare predictive analytics, and accelerative recovery solutions are some of their workforce management offerings. As we already discussed, Avanta has developed a software programme called Smart Square that is a potent tool that offers a complete labour management solution.

It is a simple-to-use tool for the staff, managers, and higher management in the medical or hospital sector. Time is saved, schedule turmoil is lessened, costs are contained, employee happiness is improved, and managers may more easily use predictive analytics. The strategy used by Smart Square enables enterprises to plan shifts 120 days in advance, reducing the need for last-minute staffing searches and improving the availability of contingent personnel. Additionally, it contains a policy highlight that specifies that applications for vacation must be submitted three months before to the planned date.

Key features of SSM Smart Square: 

Enhances scheduling: Smart Square takes care of all scheduling types, including cyclic shift scheduling, self-scheduling, on-call scheduling, open shift management, and rapid shift recruitment. Through proactive contingency planning, the organisation can address patient demands by allocating staff members at the appropriate time and location.

Time management: By accelerating and streamlining the process, it saves time for all aspects of healthcare management. Smart Square uses a concept that enables shift scheduling 120 days beforehand, helping SSM Healthcare avoid last-minute staffing shortages and boosting the availability of contingent personnel.

Transparency is provided at all levels with Smart Square. This programme allows users to access all information about the hospital, its facilities, departments, personnel availability, and reschedules, making it simple to address any issues or adjustments.

A Few Other Features

Dashboards: Different types of dashboards are offered to better accurately track the functions.

It enables managers to assess employee performance and results, and then use that information to assign overtime or find solutions.

observing the output, the number of hours put in, and the cost analysis, accordingly.

Key metrics can be viewed to monitor progress toward targets.

To help you comprehend the data, SSM Smart Square offers graphs, bars, pie charts, and tables.

Organizations with a large workforce base use this software product.

Nearly 40,000 people work at SSM Healthcare, together with 11,000 providers. Workforce management is facilitated and improved by this tool.

Excellent mobile utility that is available anywhere. To use this instrument, the health professionals do not have to be there at the facility.

The organisation plans vacations and shifts far in advance so that contingent staffing may be handled.

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By logging in using the SSM Smart Square Login page, employees and other interested parties can use the information we’ve supplied above to correctly use the SSM Smart Square application. We also hope that this post has answered any additional questions you may have had concerning the SSM Smart Square scheduling application.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Smart Square?

Healthcare workers utilise it as a web-based staffing and scheduling solution to ease the staffing strain.

Why SSM Smart square?

SSM Health is a nonprofit organisation that employs close to 40,000 people and has 11,000 providers to meet a range of patient requirements. If not for Smart Square, workforce management would be difficult with this large number.

Can this be used on both Android and iPhone?

Yes, both Android and iPhones may utilise it. Please see the section of this post titled “How to Access SSM Smart Square on Mobile Phones?” for more information.

Who can use Smart Square?

Each and every SSM Healthcare employee, regardless of level, has access to this tool. It can be utilised by the workforce to plan shift timings, managers to improve job quality, save time overall, and promptly fill open shifts, as well as higher management for more accurate predictive analysis and contented workers.

How to reach Smart Square customer service?

Call their customer support line at 1 (855) 700-6000 if you’re having any problems using your Smart Square.

You can also seek assistance from the Superusers, who have been specially trained to support other employees who are using this software.

Who are Super Users?

Super Users are the managers and nurses with higher access levels in the Smart Square who have been trained to assist the rest of the personnel who are using it.

Where can we see the Smart Square policy highlights and details?

The “Policy Stat” section of the “Staffing Center” folder contains all the information on Smart Square policies.

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